Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roller Coasters!

Yesterday was fun - I discovered myself actually peaking while having fun. It was different from the other times because usually I go from 0 to 100% in no time when it comes to doing such things! Yesterday was different because it took me a good 8 hours before I started enjoying the roller coasters in the park! 8 hours! Can you imagine that?

Now before the smart asses start getting ideas about me turning older, etc, etc and invoke my wrath upon them - let me clarify, it was because of food! I ate too much and the drive to the park did not leave enough time for the food to settle down. Not the one to waste time, I jumped on the "Son of Beast" as soon as I entered the park and really "felt" the effects when the ride was over. I decided to take it slow and give myself some time to chill before I hit other really good coasters.

Thanks to new friends and old, a few hours were spent talking to them! Good conversations from the heart even though I was speaking to some after ages... picked up right where we had left off and the fun, flirt and leg-pulling started! Amazing how you can love certain ones while actually hurling abuses at them... marvelous joy! Cheers to such friendship!

A few conversations and a coke later, the spirits were lifted... - Coca Cola, an amazing dark bubbly liquid - what a business idea. BTW, do you know, the formula for making coke is known to only 3 people in the whole world. The other 2 cannot travel in the same airplane and they both have a key to the safe in which it is stored! And now, just because you are a loyal readers of my blog, you will know it too...
So ladies and gentlemen and whoever-you-are ... Here it the formula for Coke - the best selling soft drink in the world!

water + color + CO2 + addiction = handsome profit!

Genius! I do realize, this actually makes me an addict and also a fool, but hey, it makes me feel great! And if it makes you feel good, it has to be good for you, right? RIGHT! (I know the effects - so spare the wise comments about how its good for cleaning toilets and such... I have read that forwarded email already)

Now where were we? Ah yes, coasters! Amazing creations of steel, wood and concrete! They give such an adrenaline rush while keeping the rider in a safe and controlled environment!

Frankly, "Son of Beast", with its shaking wooden frame, harsh ride and the steep drop, provided more excitement than the newest addition - diamondback.

So which is the best coaster in the park? According to me, it has to be "Firehawk".
It makes you feel you are hanging in mid-air held and gives you the feeling of flying in the air! I thoroughly enjoyed riding it - twice!

Unfortunately for me, "The Beast" was closed, so missed out 1 coaster - that should be reason enough to visit the park again!

The park is called Kings Island and it has many Nickelodeon based attractions for kids and it also has many water rides. The water rides I plan to check out in my next trip whenever it happens.

Some free survival tips while visiting an adventure park -
1. Never eat too much food. It'll make you queasy. If you have to eat, do it in moderate quantities and have east food like fries, chips, etc. A 7 course meal and coaster do not match!
2. Water is your friend. Stay hydrated at all times. Often times its not the ride that will wring your guts out - its dehydration. Spot the signs.... If you are not sweating like a pig when its warm outside, its not the new anti-perspirant you are wearing - you are just dehydrated!
3. Dress for the occasion - water parks + bikini/swimming trunks = fun! - for everyone ;-) A spare set of clothes would come in handy after the water rides.
4. Hot sun - Sun block = dark burnt skin
5. Travel light. Some rides can be topsy-turvy, so its better not to carry a $500 cell-phone with you. Laptops are a strict no-no ... unless you have a girlfriend by that name (That was for guys and open minded girls reading this blog)
6. Carry a camera to capture the moments, but try not to make the curvy blond in the skimpy bikini the sole objective of your trip! She may have a tattoo sporting boyfriend watching you while you watch her!!
7. Makes friends with the boyfriend first and click the blondie snaps later!
8. Why are you still looking for more tips? This is not a project for God's sake! Go and be yourself, the point is to have fun.

So folks, do you like roller coasters or are you the ones who cannot handle them? or do you need to be called chicken before you hop on to one to prove the person wrong? Are you an adrenaline junkie too?

PS: Does any one have the video of Aakash and Shalini in Dil chata hai where he calls her a chicken before she hops on to the coaster?


Smita said...

Roller coaster rides hmmm...Was never scared of them but they never were inviting enough as well. But then in college i tried one of those small rides-hand run-wooden structure; in short speed wasn't much but still the experience put me off that never tried again i salute everyone who dares to ride them though :D. And those were nice tips though am not gonna try them even in my dreams :D and what you wrote about friends is so true. With good friends distance & time doesn't matter it takes only few minutes to be back on original ground & comfort zone.

couchpapaya said...

i used to love adventure parks, not any more. good to know u had fun though!!!

AD said...

I think you are looking for this :)

I dont like roller coasters and no I have not been on anyone in a foreign land. in 2 mins at fun land in karachi I almost died.
So Yes I am dead scared!

But I love this part at the theatre

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Smita,
Lovely comment :-) The coasters here are awesome!

Hi CP,
Not anymore? I THINK I can understand that (maybe).

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi AD,
thank you soo much! You are the best! That's EXACTLY what I was looking for :-)
Sad that you don't like coasters... they are soo much fun, but I think you are the amongst the ones who would need some prodding to get on to one. The theater bit was fun too... especially when he made faces at the beginning of the play ;-)

PurpleHeart said...

Absolutely yes ! I am....I just cannot get onto a roller coaster ! :)

Nikki said...

Older or must have fun! Age is just a number!

Good going.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi PH,
That's such a shame, coz the park is in your backyard :-) Welcome to the blog :-)

Hi Nikki,
Thank you.. nice ring btw :-))

Valerine said...

Well i had been to a theme park last month with my friend & screamed my lungs out....But it was fun....the best part was the water & the slides....Since i am a water baby had the time of my life.....
I am sure u must have had fun!...Another tip to add ...Don't ever get on a roller coaster ride empty stomach will make u feel pukish....
BTW I HATE COKE! But was fun reading ur expi... :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Valerine,
I didn't know that empty stomach can also cause queasiness. I'll keep that in mind. You hate coke? seriously? That might be good 4 ur health :-)

Shayari said...

That's amazing! I love the rides..but these coasters look herculean when compared to the ones which I sustained.. :o

Was a Pepsi fan as a kid mainly because it was all sugary, but now it's out and out Coke and Sprite.

The tips were fun to read:D

eye-in-sty-in said...

hi Shayari,
Good to see you on the blog after a long time... I know, the coasters here simply ROCK! And the ones in this park are not even the best! Can u imagine how bad the best ones would be? last year I had gone to a park where a coaster had a 105 degree vertical drop. That's more than 90 degrees! I rode it twice, once while sitting in the front row!

I too like Pepsi with Pizza, but am gradually finding myself leaning more and more to coke! Glad u enjoyed the tips.

Serendipity said...

Pictures? :D

Bouncing-Bubble said...

somehow I hate fizzy drinks..they make my eyes pop out and give me a nasty headache. and yea, hv heard of that coke formula being a super secret.. as for rides, I love them water rides!love to be splashed with water...and yes, ur spot on, in saying that light tummy helps!!
lol, trust u to give tips on clicking pics:))

eye-in-sty-in said...

Oye B,

Ek to itni der se aao, upar se aise demands bhi karo! besharmi ki hadd hai yaar ;-)

Hi BB,
I am totally getting what you say about the eye-popping feeling. Next time, dheere dheere peena :P Water rides can be so much fun if you have the right company... I was so mad when I could not get on the coaster for 4 hours. Felt like a dog on a leash looking at a bone held 2 inches far away from my nose! Hey, I was only giving advise to save fellow bloggers from getting beat up. I did not even carry a camera with me... (Some impression I must have in peple's minds) lolz

Anonymous said...

I guess riding the stock & Real estate market gives me enough excitement that i don't need any more adrenalin rush. However I do take my kids to Essel World/ Water Kingdom and enjoy seeing them having fun while chilling out.

Tip No 7 was good. Have you actually done it ?

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi UH,
Lol @ the stock market.... It does move like a coaster! And come on man - dont make me spill the beans in public... :-)