Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Movie Review: Race (2007)

Lets say that there is a race. The important emelents of a race are the drivers and cars, right? While that may be true, the race track too provides a big part of the entertainment. A good racetrack should have a blend of straights and twists. Too much straights and the cars just zoom past the audience... Too many twists and there is not enough thrill of speed. The right blend of straights and twists and you get a good racetrack that provides good entertainment. In a movie, the racetrack is the story.

The story in Race just has too many twists to pick pace... The viewer kind of feels like get a serving of noodles after being promised jalebis! The good thing is that the twists in the plot are spread well apart but the comedy is just horrendous! Instead of giving relief to the audience and allowing them to digest the twists, it adds to the headache and makes one cringe at the pathetic humor. With Akshaye Khanna cracking SMS jokes about alcohol being a slow killer while being drunk... to Anil Kapoor giving sexual "hints" to his secy using fruits as a metaphor in "not so subtle" dialogues that dont make you laugh most of the time. At one point, he even gropes her boobs under the guise of checking her heart rate... seriously?! Why can't I do that in my job without the fear of getting sued... (and a black eye!)

Saving grace! Skin, skin n more skin! Good locales. A race tracks and cars. Nice designer outfits!

The babes provide good eye candy - at the end of the movie, it was difficult to judge who was better looking, a wet Bipasha or a wet Katrina! Tough choice indeed! ;-) Feel free to cast ur vote in the comments (multiple selections allowed). Sameera was wasted as was Johnny Lever. [As a friend put it - Sameera can't even play dumb properly] Ladies can pick between a shirtless Saif, a shirtless Akshaye or a fully clad Anil for ogling.

All the horse racing and the car chasing was lost in the stripping as the twists spun out of control! The mish-mash made the 2.5 hour movie feel like a 3.5 hour movie that came with a free headache. Really, thats all I have to say about the movie... Its not worth wasting any more brain power! The poor comedy killed most of the few brain cells I had left! (most of the few - see, there's your proof!)

2.5 / 5


Bouncing-Bubble said...

oh i saw this flick..i hv a thing for akshaye (whatever the spelling is) and also for saif.
btw.. how cld u even THINK of including kareena in the list of better looking. pls say that was a joke!

Bouncing-Bubble said...

ok, I get confused between kareena and ms.kaif

Smita said...

News!!! News!!! News!!!

They are coming up with a sequel as well :D

I found the movie kind of ok, bole to one time watch...

And my vote goes for Katrina :-)

A good Racy Pacy review :-)

Angel's Flight said...

Served noodles after being promised Jalebis!!!! how cruel!!

But seriously loved that line!

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi BB,

U like Akshaye? Good 2 know... what do u like abt him? I call him the "chin" actor.

Hi Smits,

a sequel!! really? 'they' must be brave! Ya, I agree - 1 time deal this is. U like a wet kats? Why? Coz shes sallu's gf? bolo bolo tell tell!

Hi Angel,

Good to see you here! Really am :-) U liked the jalebi line - lolz... why am I not surprised :P

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi BB,

Kats n Kareena are so different looking yaar... wonder why do u find them confusing? Is it the bad acting? :-)

Shayari said...

A good movie esp if one would have watched the Abbas-Mastan's prev movie Naqaab[read super bad!].Yeah you were rite with the designer outfits.They were full-on trendy. Liked Saif & Kat in the movie :-)

Mumble! said...


But, other than that...why the masochism? I'm guessing you knew this movie was a real turkey!!

Smita said...

Well the sequel is the brain child of Kareena who else :D

I like Katrina wet or not wet :D and her being Sallu's gf should be a reason to hate her nahin???

eye-in-sty-in said...

U really cannot hate ur bhabhi now can u... tumhare pyare sallu bhaiyya kya sochenge ;-)

Smita said...

Sallu, my bhaiya??? Lol...Not even in my dreams and not in anybody else's dreams as well :p

eye-in-sty-in said...

well, why not... he is so much older and taking his roving eye into consideration, the bhaiyya relation would be more lasting indeed... so it's only for ur benefit :-)

Smita said...

Thanks for the sweet concern BUT...In no condition shud u be calling Sallu my Bro!!!!


eye-in-sty-in said...

lol... I'm only doing that to ensure ur everlasting bond with your beloved sallu. See, in all these years you have not managed to patao him... I mean, he doesn't even know you exist. So why not try a different approach? Saiyaan toh nahi bana, bhaiya hi bana lo... Waise bhi August is fast approaching ;-)

Smita said...

I don't want to patao him. See mine is that long distance love. I know i can not have him so have no false hopes ;-) i know my limits you see! So stuff your brother wala logic in a coffin and bury it :D and Grrrr! To your stupid august logic.

Bouncing-Bubble said...

I confuse only their names! yea both are diff looking yet both are not so good looking :D
and Akshaye's got a good smile smile

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi BB,
The smile you say? ok, i'll buy that. Kats is better looking than bebo, atleast from my eyes she is. Never did like bebo except in certain roles. She comes out with good stuff say 20% of the times and while she works with good directors. So that makes her quite ordinary as an actress.

You dont want to patao him? ha ha ha, seriously now. come on. out with the truth! Your sallu obsession is well known in the blog world and the real world :-)) Good luck in August is what I say to that.

Mama-Mia said...

me likey race! :)

dum blonds, hot chicks and cool dudes and all the wtsits and turns!

i couldnt guess a single twist till it happened! so thats good stuff pour moi! :)



eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Abha,

It is a 1 time watch... all the designer stuff is worth a dekko. nothing worth writing home about... Entertaining? it sure is... Tks 4 dropping by... :-)