Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bizzaro begining - 2009 F1 GP season!

The day finally dawned or should I say "Brawn"(ed)!

As is traditional with season openers, the race sprung a lot of surprises! The most delightful came in terms of Brawn GP. This is the Honda team of last year that was taken over by Ex- Ferrari Technical Director Ross Brawn and sponsored by Virgin!

This team came out of the blue and ended up winning the GP in its debut! The impressive thing is that they beat the stalwarts of racing like Ferrari, McLaren and Renault! So much for their legacy!

The biggest disappointment of the race was none other than the prancing horse! Both their cars retired from the race - a rare happening in the illustrious Ferrari legacy that is known (now just a "has been known") for their bulletproof cars! Wonder if after this result, does Luca de Motezemollo still thinks that all the choices he made in 2007 were good!

The most pitiful event of the race was the collision between BMW's Robert Kubica and Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel (running 3rd n 4th at that time). Both had a good chance of scoring high points, but greed for the podium prevailed and all was lost!

The biggest beneficiary of the race was McLaren's Hamilton. Having started the race from the 18th position following a dismal qualifying session and a gear box penalty, he would have finished the race 6th, but thanks to the crash b/w Vettel and Kubica and an error by Trulli, he finished the race in 3rd! A winning driver needs more than skills in F1 and hamilton is once again proving that luck is on his side along with skills! I think he is the best driver to fill the huge void left by the exodus of Michael Schumacher.

With the next race in Malaysia - on the coming weekend, Ferrari had better pull themselves out from this deep hole that they are stuck in - and they better do it fast! Running the cars light on fuel is not a good way to capture grid positions and certainly no way to win races and championships! If they have forgotten how to do it, here is a reminder - it is thru hard work, determination and team spirit! (remember 2006?) Sulking and spinning the car in frustration is not the way to do it either! (R u reading this Kimi?) Show some class or did you wanna take another dump!

For now, its Brawn GP's exciting debut that has me pepped up for the 2009 F1 season! Well deserved victory, I'll say!

Movie Review: The Boondock Saints

The movie starts with two brothers in a church where the priest is delivering a sermon.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
[For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.

The theme of the sermon is the death of a woman who was stabbed to death in broad daylight while onlookers did nothing to prevent it.

"Now we must all fear evil men, but there is another kind of fear which we must fear most. And that is the indifference of good men!"

The priest's words are synonymous with the brother's way of life.

The Irish brothers (Sean Partick + Norman Reedus) are two goofy guys working in a meat factory who like to work hard and have fun. They are out partying in a bar on St. Patrick's day (An Irish holiday), when the Irish bar is forced to be shut down by the Russian mob. The next scene is a crime scene in an alley near the bar.

The investigator of the crime scene is none other than the green goblin.. oops.... Williem DaFoe. He plays a 'cocky' FBI detective who is good at his work and is openly gay - Ever since Spiderman, I have fallen in love with DaFoe's work. He is an actor who makes me feel that he has put in a lot of effort in his work. He portrays complex characters and the roles I like him play are mostly eccentric. But the good part is that he seldom gets repetitive in his work.

The first twist in the tale is when a threatened mob boss hires a vicious killer to go after the brothers. This guy is so violent, he makes Hannibal Lecter look like a Lamb (pun intended)! The killer, II Duce is played by Billy Connolly ->

(Check out the cool assortment of guns he's wearing)

The twists only get better and better in the movie without it being confusing.

The movie's uniqueness lies in the fact that it has become a cult hit thru the DVD route. Its the fans that have made "Boondock Saints" famous. This fact speaks volumes about how good this movie is (7.9/10 on IMDB)

The movie has witty and quotable dialogues, the characters in the movie are built strong and deep in a short time. The director really makes it easy to sympathise with the characters in this violent movie. I loved it because of its a cool brand of justice deliverance - undelayed, vicious, funny and serious at the same time.

This movie simply rocks. It is a cult classic. A uber cool intelligent movie that is NOT made by Quentin Tarantino, but is right up there in the coolness factor - It is written and directed by Troy Duffy. What works for the movie is that the lead characters are two ordinary guys who just go for it in any given situation. The make the best of whats in front of them and are thinking on their feet even when the chips are down! The methods adopted by them may be controversial, but their motive is pious! In this age of red tape, their brand brand of justice deliverance cuts right thru the chase! After all, Justice delayed IS justice denied, so they go for the jugular!

My rating, 8.5/10.... 9.5/10 for the coolness and the innovative way of portraying violence and making it pious!

Be a good fan, buy the DVD!

Monday, March 30, 2009

women turning detectives!

Is it the month end? Is it the year end? Is it the new moon? Is it the warm/hot weather mixed with cool refreshing rain? Is it the global recession? is it the recent rally in the stock market? or is it that they simply have too much time to think and dissect the minutest details....

Suddenly, out of the blue, all the women that I know are trying to be Nancy Drew's wannabe sisters!

They all want to be smart and they all want to be right, but unlike Karamchand, they do not want to eat any carrots or get their facts right!

Confused? So am I at the turn of events! Makes me feel like I ate a "really good" mushroom with a bad result :P

(Pls dont ask "what", just be a good listener and poke some fun at my 'misery'! ... lol)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So why am I so secretive?

Here is 1 good reason!

For all ye who pour yer hearts out on yer blog... remember.... Big brother is watching! :D


Sunday, March 15, 2009

100 things about me (well, almost)!

1. Last beverage → Water!

2. Last phone call--> 2 hrs ago

3. Last text message→ B'day wishes recd.

4. Last song you listened to→ Elevator music on Ava's blog!

5. Last time you cried→ does weeping w/o tears count? Then i'm deeply morbid!


1. Dated someone twice → Naa

2. Been cheated on? → Yep

3. Kissed someone & regretted it? → Yep

4. Lost someone special? → Yep (who hasn't)

5. Been depressed?→ Read no. 5 above :D

6. Been drunk and threw up? → Once - also threw a chair on the TV, but my aim was bad from being drunk - the TVs stil in good shape though.. you wanna buy it? :D


1. Made new friends → Yes - Now thats an achievement for someone who is morbid! Ainnit :D

2. Fallen out of love → :D My sign says I'm supposed to fall in and out of love quickly...

3. Laughed until you cried → Naa... remember... Morbid

4. Met someone who changed you → No, but they always try.... Some have wisened up n stopped... they are now more happy

5. Found out who your true friends were → Yep :D

6. Found out someone was talking about you → Yes, they always had good things to say

7. Kissed anyone on your friend's list → No kiss n tell business :D

8. Made the first Move → Yes and No

10. Do you have any pets → Just discovered I got bedbugs from storing someone's stuff! (Thanks! I'll send you the pest control bill)

11. Do you want to change your name → WIAN (Whats in a name) :D

12. What did you do for your last birthday → Celebrated it... duh!

13. What time did you wake up today – 11:00 AM... then at 5 pm :D

14. What were you doing at midnight last night→ Filling up this survey! (ITS LONG...)

15. Name something you CANNOT wait for → hey, when you have to go... you HAVE to go!

16. Last time you saw your father → Last year...

17. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life → Own a private jet (and the fuel to go with it), marry Asin and have Angelina Jolie as my mistress! (Can do without the marrying part - the Jet and jolie are not optional!)

18. Most visited webpage → google desktop on my m/c


1. What's your name→ Eye-in-sty-in

2. Nicknames→ EISI :D [nice try though]

4. Zodiac sign → the fish!

5. Male or female or transgendered → Seriously...?

6. Elementary→ Was a lot of fun! I loved the trip there - I got to sit in the front seat of the car :D

7. Schools → Were soooo much fun... Our sience teacher once threw a cricket bat out of the window from the 4th floor! But it did not hit anyone (Borrrrring)

8. Colleges → Were fun too! (Surprised?)

10. Hair color → Changes with my act

11. Long or short → (assuming we're still talking abt hair) - It grows (usually, except when I go to the salon)

16. Height → Is a measure of vertical length

17. Do you have a crush on someone? → err... yeah!

18: Ever been in love? → No... But I loved someone (many actually)

19. Piercings → Are soo much fun!

20. Tattoos → Are painful, but cool

21. Righty or lefty → Depends on what I'm doing... Am righty for some tasks, lefty in others - and ambidextrous in a few... Its one of my many talents!

23. First piercing → Left Ear

24. First best friends → How can you have first best friends?

26. First sport you joined: Hide n seek - (we had a local team... seriously!)

27. First pet → was a P.E.T bottle of water

28. First vacation → Was in Darjeeling!

29. First concert → Michael Jackson in Andheri, Bombay! (Yup.... last one I attended was Metallica!)

30. First crush --> Geography teacher! She was NICE!

49. Eating → ?

50. Drinking → Everyday (assuming we're not considering liquor)

52. I'm about to → go to bed!

53. Listening to--> the sounds of silence - interrupted by the keyboard!

58. Want kids? --> Sure... lets have more like me running around :D

59. Want to get married ? --> err.... trying not to be - its working so far :D

60. Careers in mind? --> Had a thought to be a CPL this weekend!

68. Lips or eyes → both!

69. Hugs or kisses→ depends on whats hotter - lips or the body!

70. Shorter or taller → ?

71. Older or Younger → ??

72. Romantic or spontaneous → spontaneously romantic!

73. Nice stomach or nice arms → both!

74. Sensitive or loud → depends on my act

75. Hook-up or relationship → whatever ! (I like your answer Ava - am keeping it)

77. Trouble maker or hesitant → Definitely the former!


78. Kissed a stranger → No... not till the time I kissed , she wasn't

79. Lost glasses/contacts → 2 goggles in 1 month! (just 1 reason why I'm morbid!)

81. Sex on first date → :D

82. Broken someone's heart → Yep

83. Had your own heart broken → Yep... that too

85. Been arrested → Not yet

86. Turned someone down → many times :D

87. Cried when someone died → Yep!

88. Liked a friend that is a girl/boy? → ??? Oh! they can be a transvestite too..!


89. Yourself → No! I'm dumb, but I ain't stupid!

90. Miracles → Yep.. actually seen one!

91. Love at first sight → remember... the sign?

92. Heaven → exists...

93. Santa Clause → Is the biggest marketing gimmick!

94. Peace in this lifetime→ Where's the money in peace!

95. Kissing on the first date? → :D

96. Angels → I know 1 on blogger!

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → you mean I can be with more than 1 too?

98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time in the past? → hmmmm... let me take the 5th on that one!

99. You will die Young→ Will not mind if its with Jolie in my private jet

100. You will end with the one you love and learn to love the one you are with → err... thanks!

I hereby tag all the ppl that Ava has tagged + Valerine (did I get the spelling correct this time?), Sakshi, Varun and Intense!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A completely 'satisfactory' post!

Me: "Lets go get some chinese, I'm starving"
Friend: "hmmmm... ok"

it was 0 deg F (-18 deg C) outside and we went in our PJs to get it - there were 2 jackets worn but I forgot the gloves! Hands and everything else was frozen! Glad I was not driving.

20 minutes and 2 stops later, the food was in the house.

Friend: "Man, when the fealla said 'large', he really meant large! The quantity of this food is amazing"
Me: "No kidding. And the food is heaped into this large container. This reminds me of college days. Loads of junk Chinese food at night with Pepsi. The only thing missing is...."

Friend: "A glass of daaru"
Me: "Not just any daaru, it has to be Old Monk rum. Say, we have not had OM right?"

Friend: " No. I didn't think we get it here"
Me: "We should ask someone to get it from India"

Friend: "In this economy, everyone is going back"
Me (laughing and opening a 2nd can of Pepsi): "You are right"

Friend: "The quantity of this food is enough for 2 people or 3 meals!"
Me: "I have complete faith in ur appetite. Am sure u can polish this off urself"

Friend (laughing): "No way. But it will suffice for lunch and breakfast tomorrow". (Yep, Chinese for breakfast - that's him!)
Me: "If you 'ration' the food, it can even last for dinner"

Friend: "Naa... I think making it stretch till lunch is enough"
Me: Laughing heartily and thinking to self (Didn't the bugger say the quantity was not huge)

Friend opens up his fortune cookie: "My fortune is great. it says 'enjoy and relax'. Its the perfect thing to do after this heavy meal"
Me: "yep.... u do that. I'm off to play the game for an hour or so"

Friend: "You had 2 cans of Pepsi?"
Me: "Yep. I thought about it for a minute - and could not decide if I want to have it or not. The I thought, if I die in the middle of the night, my aspiration of having the 2nd can of Pepsi will be left unfulfilled. So I decided to go for it"

Friend (laughs heartily): "Its the right thing to do"
Me (opening up the fortune cookie and laughing like a hyena): "I know it was right.... guess what my fortune cookie says"

Friend: "What?"
Me (pointing to the can of Pepsi) : "It says 'The majority of the word can't is can!' "

Friend: "No way!"
Me (hands him the paper): "I know now I did the right thing by opening up the 2nd can of Pepsi!"

(Both laugh hysterically)

Me: "You know the food was delicious. I'm feeling like I was craving this food since a long time. It hit the spot!"

Friend (packing his lunch): "Oh yes. The food was delicious indeed! Aren't you packing ur lunch?"
Me (with an evil gluttony smile): "What lunch? Unlike you, I finished off all my food"


Btw, just listened to "Nothing else matters", Metallica, "You Give Love A Bad Name", Bon Jovi.... Ah! What a perfect way to culminate the evening with some Nirvana and Prodigy....!