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The curious case of Hijacking of Indian Airlines plane IC-410: The Indira Connection

The Curious case of Hijacking of Indian Airlines plane IC-410: The Indira Connection 

The story goes back to 20 December 1978, when two friends Bholanath Pandey and Devendra Pandey hijacked Indian Airlines plane IC 410 from Lucknow to Delhi carrying 132 passengers.

“The Emergency” is referred to the period of 21 months from 25 June 1975 to 21 March 1977, when PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency across the country due to alleged “internal disturbance and officially issued by the then President , Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed 

But the real reason behind “the Emergency” was the Allahabad High Court verdict of the 1975 case “Indira Gandhi vs. Raj Narain” under which she was found guilty of electoral malpractices and election victory in Rae Bareilly was declared “null and void” and she was barred from the elections. To continue staying in power, Indira declared a state of Emergency in India, jailed opposition leaders, journalists, without any reason. Indira also amended the constitution and forcibly introduced the word 'secular' in it. 

Indira was held accountable for her crimes by the Janata Party government. 

The hijacking was carried out with the intention 

1.   to get Indira Gandhi released from jail while getting all criminal cases against her and Sanjay Gandhi withdrawn. 

2.   demand for the Janata Party Government at the Centre to tender its resignation

After a few hours of negotiations,the father of one of the hijackers arrived at the airport and talked to his son over the wireless and the two men surrendered themselves in front of the media to waiting authorities shouting pro Indira Gandhi slogans.

Indira Gandhi was back in power in 1980 as the troubled Janata Party coalition fell apart in just 3 years.
During her subsequent reign, the case against both of the hijackers were dropped and they were rewarded with the tickets in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections.

Surprisingly, both of them won the elections in 1980. Bholanath served as a Congress MLA from 1980 to 1985 while Devendra Pandey remained MLA for two consecutive terms.

Bholanath unsuccessfully contested Lok Sabha elections from Salempur in 1991,1996, 1999, 2004, 2009 ,2014

Apart from this Bholanath became the General Secretary of the Youth Congress and secretary of Indian National Congress and Devendra, on the other hand, served as the general secretary of UPC.

Can there be any clearer and simpler case of quid pro quo where people who committed such gruesome crimes have been rewarded and inducted into the government?

This is just another way, congress supports terrorists and murderers* for its own vested interests. 
*(Congress helped Bhopal Gas tragedy CEO Warren Anderson run away from the country). 

Friday, January 8, 2021

Madrassas in Kerala.

Madrassas in Kerala.

What are the actual numbers? 

1- Total population of Kerala: 3,56,99,443.
2 - Muslim population in Kerala: 88,73,472. (26%)

3 - Number of Madrasas in Kerala: 21,683.
4- Number of Madrasa Teachers in Kerala: 2,04,683.
(2 lakh teachers in 21,683 Madressas)! 

5- Number of Panchayats in Kerala: 941.
6- The average number of madrasas in a panchayat is (21,683/941) = 23

7- Salary of a Madrasa teacher = 25,000/- per month (excluding those earning Rs 300 per hour)
8- Salary paid by the exchequer for one month Madrasa teachers: (2,04,683x
25,000) = 511,70,75,000.
₹ 512 core per month .

9- One month pension for Madrasa teachers (implemented by Pinarayi Govt): 6,000 x 2,00,000 = 120,00,00,000.
₹ 120 core

10- Total one month madrasa salary and pension payable from the exchequer:
(511,70,75,000 + 120,00,00,000) = 631,70,75,000 / - 
₹ 632 core

11- Expenditure on Madrasa Salary and Pension in Kerala for one year
(631,70,75,000 x 12) = ₹7580,49,00,000 (Seven thousand five hundred and eighty crore)
This is taxpayers money that could be used to provide better services to all Indians. Instead, this government money is spent just on one religious community. How is this even remotely secular? 

These statistics were presented by Minister of Higher Education - KT Jalil, in the Assembly.

Now a question to secular minds, what is so special about this peaceful community that you do not have?

The hard earned money of Taxpayers is being misused in this manner. Should this injustice still be allowed?

Think and act on this injustice

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Story of reforms and protests in India during Modi Government

With 1500 squatters kicked out from Lutyens bungalows, it might explain why its always Modi vs All

Cleaning up that has happened in Lutyens’ Delhi since BJP came to power. In the first year itself, more than 460 squatters were sent packing out of their cosy Lutyens’ bungalows in the first year. Many of them had been staying there for generations and had started considering it private property. Some approached the courts with appeals to let them keep their fiefdoms. But to no avail.

Ajit Singh, the son of former PM Charan Singh was squatting on a bungalow. He was locked out and his belongings thrown on the lawn.

Painter Jatin Das, the father of actor Nandita Das, was enjoying another bungalow in Lutyens. Evicted!

The Print why Narendra Modi does not have an army of intellectuals defending him, unlike the Nehru-Gandhi's
The word intellectuals is a joke. Most are the lowest moral scums of society. Willing to sell anything for a gift in cash or kind.

By late 2016, the number of evictions had swelled to 1500......
There are only a handful of articles in the media documenting this cleanup mission in Lutyens’ Delhi. A lot of free loading journalists in love with congress gifts got kicked out too.

There is this absolute gem of a quote in The Telegraph from an unnamed Congress MP. 

“The Congress had a long tradition of not implementing the rules so strongly.”

Amazing suggestion

Looks like Lutyens Delhi was a rent free district of people who were supporting the political party in exchange for rent free palatial bungalows .

In the Congress Raj, before a case went to the Supreme Court, everything was managed .. Which judge will go to the bench and what decision will the judge give…

This is the biggest secret of the success of 70 years of Congress, that it has managed all the media and judiciary and ruled it. 

Retired Judge of the Gujarat High Court, Justice MB Soni, revealed this when he found that any petition related to the Gujarat riots which is filed in the Teesta Supreme Court, why does it go to the bench of Justice Aftab Alam only, according to the roster Should go to someone else's bench .. Then they investigated further and it was found that the registrar was ordered from above that Teesta's case should be sent to the bench of Justice Aftab Alam and for this the muster roll and roster should be changed. Then he further investigated that it was learned that Justice Aftab Alam's real daughter Arusa Alam is a partner in Teesta's NGO Sabrang and also the wife of the then cabinet minister and senior advocate of Supreme Court Kapil Sibal.

He then sent a letter to the Chief Justice against this and detailed the 10 rulings of Justice Aftab Alam and Justice Abhilasha Kumari, daughter of Congress leader and Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, by elaborating in eight thousand pages.  

Then, this gang was separated from every single case in Gujarat

If Justice MB Soni was not there, then the Congress government had done its entire planning to implicate Narendra Modi

Have you ever heard Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Yadav, Sitaram Yechury, Mayawati, Akhilesh, Mamta, Mehbooba, and opposition leaders calling each other thieves?

No !!!

While some of them have been convicted, some are in jail, some are on bail and some are facing trial in court but they do not call each other a thief!

But Modi who has no official charge, no FIR, no trial is going on, no court has even ordered any investigation, all these leaders are calling him a thief!

Blessed Understanding and a sense of responsibility towards the country. It is a shame on such traitors.


How will you turn your eyes away from this truth, think about the future of your future children ....Read carefully

When a Bangladeshi Muslim reaches India and wanders somewhere in the Ambala district, he has neither money nor public knowledge.

 He somehow reaches the nearest mosque and gets 100% refuge there, being a Muslim.

 Every district has a royal mosque to which every mosque in the city is attached.

He is then sent to the royal mosque of the Bangladeshi Ambala district, where he secretly finds refuge.

The royal mosque of every district remains attached to Jama Masjid in Delhi.

Jama Masjid of Delhi has responsibility for Islamization of North India. It has a record of every Lok Sabha constituency of North India and the Muslim population living in it - 100% true record.

Now that Bangladeshi reaches Delhi and takes refuge in Jama Masjid. Jama Masjid checks which Lok Sabha constituency of North India has less Muslim population. Suppose there is less Muslim population in Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh.

Now lets start the real game .. !!

Jama Masjid sends that Bangladeshi to the royal mosque of Jhansi district. The Imam of the royal mosque of Jhansi, with the help of the Waqf Board, arranges for the stay of that Bangladeshi and also manages his employment.

He gets Indian passports with the help of Bangladeshi local Muslim and corrupt Hindu leaders and officers.

Corrupt governments like Samajwadi Party give land to the Waqf Board in lieu of votes, corrupt municipal officials make berth certificates by taking bribe.

 Police and Intelligence Department officials take passport file for bribe without any further verification, and get other important documents ready, such as Aadhaar card.

That is, a Bangladeshi who was wandering in Ambala city a few days ago without any money and identity, has become an Indian citizen living in Jhansi district.

This is the story of a Bangladeshi… A large number of Bangladeshis and Pakistani tribal Banjaras come to the country every day and become Indian citizens with the help of Waqf Board.

The religious equation of many districts of India, especially Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and West Bengal has completely changed. Hindus may be a minority in these districts in the 2021-22 census.

Read and understand yourself and explain to your Hindu brothers to understand the real reason why the present Indian Government is being uncooperative in the interests of the country.

10 lakh poor have disappeared in Maharashtra by providing new Aadhaar link!

Poor people holding many lakh fake BPL cards in Uttarakhand have ended!

More than 30 million (30000000) fake LPG connection holders are over!

1,95,000 fake children who got stipend from madrasas disappeared!

Over 1.5 crore (15000000) fake ration card holders disappeared!

 Why and where they are disappearing!

The whole black blot of Chors is about to open… That is why all the thieves together petitioned the Hon'ble Supreme Court that the Aadhaar link is a violation of our fundamental rights! What right of privacy to thieves!

1) Company MD: Modi has closed more than 3 lakh companies fake!

2) The amount dealers were annoyed!

3) Property Dealer annoyed!

4) Brokers are annoyed with the online system!

5) 40,000 fake NGOs are closed, so the owners of these NGOs are also angry!

6) People purchasing property with No 2 income got annoyed!

7) Some contractors were also annoyed by being an E-Tender!

8) The gas company got annoyed!

9) So far, 12 crore people who have come under the purview of Income Tax are angry!

10) Due to the implementation of GST system, many people got annoyed, because they have come to the automatic system!

11) People who are doing the work of 2 numbers have stopped blooming!

12) The system of white to black has become completely corrupted.

13) Lazy government officials get angry because they have to work on time!

14) Those people who did not work in time got angry and believed in working by giving bribe.

15) A JNU student who breaks a free bread for 7 years for a room of Rs 10 and a meal for Rs 300 a month is also upset with Modi.

Grief is bound to happen, the story of country change is being written, which is being understood, which is not changing, #Mind_Gulaam of the brainless Yuvraj pappu, calling us blind devotees. 

The latest ruse are farmers. There are many evidences available where Muslims are masquerading as Sikhs and are trying to create unrest in the country. 

Truth is, that many of these are either Muslims, Khalistanis or Communists who are creating chaos in different states. 

Almost every political party wants Farm reform. If you see state wise, the story is similar. 
Kerala doesn’t have APMC.
Contract Farming executed in Bengal since 2017.
Delhi govt (AAP) had already notified 1 of the 3 Farm bills into a Law.
Congress had removal of APMC in 2019 election manifesto. 
Still, they’re all inflaming Farm Laws protest at the time of a nearly fatal pandemic.

Those farmers in West Bengal who took up contract farming have benefitted from it. Yet, the ruling parties of these states oppose the new farm reforms in public just for political reasons. 

Andhra Pradesh farmers got record prices for their products in open market. 

Even farmers themselves are demanding reforms so they have access to more avenues where they can sell their produce.

AAP and Congress both have this promise in their party's election manifesto. These reforms are a long time pending. The only problem is that just as in above cases, many will lose their commission as the broken system will change and will become more transparent.

You can see the manifestos of Congress and AAP below and the tweet from Punjab CM from 2016 asking for the same reforms. Capt. Amarinder is from the same Congress that keeps crying that Modi is a stooge of Adani and Ambani. The same Capt. Amarinder had gone to meet Ambani's Reliance asking them to procure farm produce from Punjab. 

Here is a news copy of Punjab and Haryana Farmers protesting and demanding that corporates should be allowed to procure the wheat grown by them. This news is from 2006. Finally, after 14 years, the reforms demanded by farmers are becoming laws. It is natural that a few middlemen will be upset as they will not be able to get easy money that they are used to getting till now. 

So how are these protestors having so many 5 star facilities that are not even available in many corporates and 3 star hotels?

As in any established system, it is never just one thing that is the root cause of pain. One more tangent is that the 2 states of Punjab and Haryana take up almost 80% of the subsidies while producing far less quantity of wheat. The subsidy business is so lucrative, wheat from Chhattisgarh is also procured by Punjab and sold to government officials in Mandis as Punjabi Wheat. 

The government Babus procure this wheat in Mandis at the MSP (minimum support price), which then lies in the government storage facilities and rots there.

This rotten wheat is then sold to the liquor manufacturers who buy it at throw away prices as it's now rotten by greasing the palms of a few government Babus.

These liquor lobby will now have to purchase wheat transparently from farmers directly. 

This is why you can see the protesting "farmers" having all facilities like Massages, Pizza, Liquor, Movies, Tents in the protests. Remember, the average farmer in India is supposed to be poor. 

The dark truth behind this is, many lobbies that are used to looting the taxpayers money for personal gain will not be able to do so anymore. 

MSP is paid with taxpayers money. The same taxpayers also subsidise the low interest or interest free loans to farmer which is inevitably waived off during elections. These are your taxes at work here that is funding this entire broker based broken and corrupt process. This process is being made transparent now.

You may wonder why the point about Muslims was mentioned in this blog post that is about reforms and protests. 

In any protests, you need a number of jobless people who have time on their hands. This is where the Muslims come in. They have a large number of people available and are well organized to mobilize them at a short notice. There is evidence that many protestors are Muslims and not Sikhs. You can see it here. A Muslim offers Namaz, comes out of a mosque, wears a turban and becomes a sikh. These are mostly people from Bangladesh that are supplied by Mosques to destabilize India from within. You would know by now, how in Kashmir, a similar protocol was followed where money would be given to stone pelters for protesting. A similar modus operandi was seen in the CAA protests where many were clueless about the law against which they were protesting. The taxpayers or a real farmer will not have time to indulge in these activities for a prolonged period of time as he has a family to feed. It can only be done by a jobless and clueless person. The MO is to bring a few celebs like Farhan Akhtar, Swara Bhaskar who are completely clueless as to what is happening and why is there a protest in the first place. 

Here is a video of Swara Bhaskar getting a dressing down by Rubika Liyakat on live TV debate. link

Here is a link to a video of Farhan Akhtar making a fool of himself link.

If you search on YouTube, you will see many mainstream media carrying stories about "Bollywood joins CAA protests" as these clueless celebrities try desperately to give some credibility to these fake protests. Akhtar's mom Shabana Azmi, also followed similar things where she would gain media publicity by helping to stall a few projects where the poor would get displaced. Incidentally, the same family has not said a sinworg against any atrocities happening against women in their own community. 

Now remember what was said earlier about eviction of media persons from government bungalows? If you join the dots, It will be clear as to why media doesn't choose to educate the people and bring the truth to them, which btw, is their duty, being the 4th pillar of democracy and all. A large number of Muslims, celebs, political parties spread the fake narrative for months that Muslims will lose citizenship when CAA is implemented. CAA is to give fast track citizenship to minorities of India's neighbours who are persecuted on religious grounds. It is a law that will give citizenship, not take it away. No mainstream media channel showed this truth to people of India to allay any fears. They wanted India to burn as most media are funded from foreign and are used to government freebies in Congress era. 

Even prominent handles on Social Media are lying to incite the public. Thanks to some vigilant people on SM, these crooks are being exposed.

Here is proof of the same. It is important to confront these people who love to misinformed the masses for personal gain. 

India is changing. It's high time India strengthens its archaic systems or reinvents them completely and make every sector atmanirbhar.

 Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Kojagari Laxmi Purnima, a dark day for Hindus of Noakhali in 1946.

Today is Kojagari Laxmi Purnima. On this day Bengali Hindus worship Devi Laxmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and pray for prosperity. 

But in pre-partition Bengal, on this day (10th October 1946) there was no jubilation among the 20% minority Hindus of Noakhali district and Chandpur, now in Bangladesh says Tathagatha Roy, a socio political thinker and a former governor who resides in Kolkata at present. He recalls what happened on this day in 1946 that should serve as a reminder on how vicious Muslims can get in the name of religion.

Above incident also shows how little Muslims have changed in the last 74 years.

In Noakhali and Chandpur, on this day of Kojagari Purnima, the majority population of Muslims, under the leadership of a Muslim League goon called Ghulam Sarwar, mounted an attack on Hindu who were around 20% of the population. The leaders among the Hindus were beheaded. The rest of the Hindufolk were forced to ‘embrace Islam’ or die horribly. Many, including many from ‘lower castes’, refused to give up their religion and chose death. The usual method of conversion was to kill the cow of the household and feed a forced meal of beef. For Hindu women between seven and seventy rape was the usual thing to do. The prevalent Hindu belief was that anyone made to eat beef this way or any woman raped could not come back to the Hindu fold.

This pogrom went on till mid-November. It was stopped by savage retaliation starting in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar and other parts of the state. Gandhiji visited Noakhali and toured almost the whole district on foot, spreading the message of love. He wanted the Hindus to come back to their half-burnt homes. Shit happened. But neither Gandhiji nor any of his companions (including Nehru) said a single word of condemnation to the Muslims. 

But when retaliation started in Bihar, Nehru suggested that the Indian Air Force should bomb the Hindu villages there.


Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee also visited Noakhali and Chandpur. He could not prevent the atrocities. But he, with the help of Swami Madhavananda of Ramakrishna Mission and different Pandit Samaj, convinced Hindu society to take back all forcibly converted Hindus back to the Hindu fold to save them from further persecution at hands of Muslims. 

"After the first edition of my book ‘My People, Uprooted: the Exodus of Hindus from East Pakistan and Bangladesh’ came out, I had a visit from an elderly gentleman who bought two copies of my book. He said he was from Noakhali but refused to give his name. He also made it clear to me, without saying it in so many words, that his mother was raped in front of his eyes by local Muslims whom he knew well." writes Tathagatha Roy.

Can one imagine, your own neighbor raping your mother in front of you over religion? 

The next time a Muslim is refused a house anywhere, one must remind them about this piece of history that serves as a reminder of the extent of religious intolerance, barbarism and horror! 

Neighbors. Your kids play with their kids for years, you would invite them to your homes, share numerous events with them, and he will not miss a chance to rape you!

Thank you for inviting me to your home for all these years, now I will violate you sexually because you chose to follow a different religion. My religion allows me to commit such acts of degeracy. It encourages me to do these. 
I will make your husband and kids watch these acts before I kill your Husband in front of you, I will cook rice in his blood and feed it to you"

Wait, what!??? 

The last incident actually happened in Kashmir, you can read the news here

This thread on Twitter shows the video of the victims of the Kashmiri Hindus Massacare. Over 500,000 Kashmiri families were uprooted by Muslims. A refugee Kashmiri Hindu woman recounts the horrific incident where she was made to eat the rice soaked in her husband's blood. Watch this and other such real-life account videos of hate crimes, violence, rapes and other crimes done by Muslims against Kashmiri Hindus here.

Loudspeakers were used in Mosques in Kashmir to ask Hindus to leave town overnight or die. Leave your women and children behind, the accouncements said.

No Muslim has apologised for these vicious crimes against fellow humans. 

No prominent Muslim condemns the Paris beheadings, 9/11, Godhra train burning or Noakhali massacare.

A journalist, Rana Ayyub, even makes preposterous statements by saying it is wrong to hate all for 'just 2 beheadings'. Perhaps one should ask her how many beheadings of innocents will it take before she will hold Muslims accountable and blame those who kill in the name of religion. Worldwide.

What is more shocking is that she doesn't condemn the killings, that were unprovoked. Absolving Muslims of responsibility is of priority to her. 

The teacher who was beheaded, did not go to the killer's house to forcefully show the cartoons to him. The teacher did not show the cartoons to hurt any sentiments. The purpose of showing the cartoons was to teach children about tolerance and acceptance of others. 
Isn't this what any sane parent would want to teach their children in a good society built upon peace and tolerance of others? Even Islam claims to be a religin of peace!

Back at her home in India, Rana too passes such sermons on peace and acceptance to others when a Muslim is refused an apartment in Mumbai. Incidentally she also supports Muslims occupying public roads to oppose Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) by India where people of minority religions of neighboring countries of India can get fast track citizenship in India if they are persecuted on religious grounds. Ironically, Rana doesn't want minority people of other countries to get benefits in India while she herself enjoys numerous benefits granted by India to minority community of Muslims in India herself. This too is preposterous because there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan, an Islamic country carved out from India on religious grounds.

Why are Muslims opposed to this idea of tolerance and peace? Is it perhaps limited to one person or one geographic area? Sadly, no. 

Many Muslims worldwide strongly support such actions by Islamic fanatics. Below is an example where a Muslim guy is willing to let an entire country be destroyed just to protect Islam. 

For a Muslim, Islam is greater than the law of the country they live in. Below statement sums up clearly what almost all Muslims believe in. Why do I say All? Because Muslims themselves say that anyone who doesn't believe in this isn't a Muslim. To be a Muslim requires one to believe that Islam is greatest and nothing is above Islam. 
This is the primary reason why Muslims can never integrate in any country in which they migrate into. 

Now one can certainly argue that the person in the above example may be poorly educated or poor. 

Well, here is a Muslim doctor, he is practically asking for a genocide of French citizens. 

This doctor is no common person either. He served Malaysia as a Prime Minister. Read the news here

Where is the tolerance, the freedom of speech? The peace? The love? Can Muslims be trusted with law making and governance as their alliance will always be with Islam.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia on global terrorist, Osama Bin Laden's early life and education. Bin Laden came from a family of $5 Billion. He inherited atleast $25 to $30 million. He studied economics, business administration and civil engineering. He used the money and skills to kill the kafirs of America in the name of religion. Good Muslims did not condem this incidents till they were forced to do so by others.

Any level of education is not enough to reform them simply because Muslims feel it is justified to kill and lynch kafirs and blasphemers in name of religion. 

In their heart, Muslims are deeply intolerant and fanatics. The Modus Operandi is same world-wide. There will be organized terrorists (ISIS,Bin Ladens), there will be knife attacking lone wolves (Paris), there will be journalist who will try to downplay Muslim crimes of murder, rapes, beheadings, bombings - these specific incidents where the criminal is a Muslim, while continuing to show isolated incidents against Muslims as intolerance towards the entire community. There will be social justice warriors who will paint Muslims as victims inspite of numerous accounts of crimes by Muslims against majority communities.

Muslim migrants will try their best to make the country they migrate in, into an Islamic country by occupying streets, public places like parks, malls, airports, train stations, roads to offer prayers. Ironically the migrants claim asylum in these countries on the grounds of being oppressed by Sharia law and terrorism in their native country. 

If any citizen of the country accepting migrants, objects to this abuse of public spaces because others cannot use these public spaces, social justice warriors will be quick to point out freedom of expression and brand you as an intolerant person.

This occupation of the streets and public places is common across the world. How can Muslims in Europe behave in the same way as a Muslim in India or a Muslim in An Islamic country? What is the real reason for such occupation? Is it a show of power? Is it giving the middle finger to law and order of the country and the state machinery? Surely Muslims can offer prayers in their home or at their desk or in their heart and minds. Everyone else does this and God resides within, right?

But try telling that to a Muslim. The risk is loss of life. Be it 
Noakhali and Chandpur in 1946, 
Kashmir Hindu massacare in India in 1990,
Bombing of World Trade Centers in New York, USA in 2001,
Godhra Train burning in 2002 in India,
Paris Beheadings in 2020. 

Muslims worldwide killed in the name of religion and they will continue to do so, if left unchecked.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tanishq Ad and Conversion of Hindus

The Tanishq advertisement has thrown up some very sad, disappointing, frustrating memories for this Twitter user. She narrates her experience after interacting with parents of the victims of love jihad and religious conversion. Incidentally, all those who converted are only Hindus.

My husband's cousin who was a scientist in one of our country's leading institutions and his wife who was the daughter of yet another award winning distinguished scientist of our country. 

Their daughter studied engineering, was a meritorious student, met a Kerala Christian in happened. Hindu parents ready to accept but Christian parents brainwashed the girl to convert. She converted..her mother was so upset that she has asked her not to visit temples.
Relationship between them are formal...for basics.

Second case.
Engineering college alumni get together of my husband..2 old friends meet..
One a Malayali Hindu another a Manglorean Christian, children meet too! The Hindu daughter a gold medallist and the boy a grad engineer..
Love happened..
Girls parents again ready to accept for the sake of the daughters happiness..
Boys mother brainwashes..girl discreetly converts without telling anyone.

Parents severed all relations with her..mother suffered a heart attack but survived.
Mother is a double PhD. 
and a scholar.. she is so full of guilt that she keeps blaming herself.. says her education didnt help keep her child safe.
Not logical in my opinion but she feels she didn't devote right amount of time in the right way for her child. 

Third case. 
Kerala Christian parents - both scientists. 
Their daughter meets a Hindu Maharastrian boy..
In management college..
He was an only child to hardworking ordinary middle class parents..
Love happens.. girl's mother brainwashes boy to convert.. the excuse being daughter wants a church wedding & it cant happen unless he converts. 
The boy has since not seen his parents...its 6 years now.

Fourth case. 
Tamizh Hindu boy an artist and a talented graphic designer with a well known ad agency..met a Tamizh Christian girl who happened to work in the same office building.. love happened..
Girls mother who is in the
business of converting in Bangalore managed to convert him..
Boys father an army man.. was so aggrieved he severed all ties.. Boys mother died of shock.

Fifth case. 
Kerala Muslim boy.. Oriya brahmin girl ko patatha hai.. both students at a univ in UK.. girls father a civil servant..
Tried his best to change the girls mind..
Boys parents quickly moved in, converted her and conducted a nikaah in London.

Sixth case. 
Hindu Tamizh brahmin girl.. Bihari muslim boy...peeche hi pad gaya.
Married & after 2 kids he married again.. when she protested was thrown out after the famous utterance of TTT. (Triple Talakh). 
She committed suicide..leaving behind a 4 year old girl & a year old boy..she took this extreme step because she felt ashamed, cheated and couldnt reconcile to facing her parents..

Seventh case. 
A Hindu Gujarathi girl eloped with a
Bengali muslim who it turned out was a refugee/infiltrator from Bangladesh.
He dumped her but her parents saved her.. she went counselling and is today trying her best to put her life together..

These are cases personally known to me..some of them happened right in front of us. 

We have seen the parents grieving. As a mother I feel nothing is more important than my children..I want them to be safe, healthy and happy..a flying career and money is usually not in the list of a mother's priorities..those r add ons..

Thus personally the ad by Tanishq was
in very bad taste, completely false and it carried the potential to be a dangerous INFLUENCER.

When I used to work in an NGO in the field of was mostly in the communities..most Hindu mothers of teenaged daughters did not want their girls to continue their education
after the 8th standard.

Keeping a girl child in the house was unsafe..
LOVE JIHAD you see..
Parents these days have to have a continuous communication with their children whether son or daughter. Children have to be aware of the perils of an intercommunity marriage
especially if there is persistence to convert..

Such a partnership is doomed right from the start..where then is the love???
Some of the parents who I have mentioned above have been dear to us, it has been a heart wrenching experience for me as a friend/ I can imagine how challenging it must have been for the parents.

Love should not be blind always..😊

Even the Supreme Court of India doesn't deem marriage between Hindu girl and Muslim guys as legal. This is because as per Islam, Muslims cannot marry outside their religion. They can only marry Muslims. In fact, marriage in Islam itself is a contract where the husband pays for the woman in a way a person buys land or property. Muslims treat their wives in similar way, like property. 

"Ekathvam" is Islamic concept to promote conversion in south India used by Jihadi groups to push "Allah is the ONLY ONE GOD"

After looking at the advertisement & statement of Tanishq Jewelry, I strongly feel Tanishq is pushing this Islamic Ekathvam concept under their brand.

Mansoor Khan, brand manager of Tanishq is a Muslim.

In this incident too, (paid?) leftist media channel NDTV spread fake news that a Tanishq store in the city of Gandhidham in Gujarat was attacked by a mob in protest against the advertisement. This was done to spread propaganda of "Hindu Vigilantism" and to vilify Hindus and guilt trip them. In reality, all Hindus did was to trend "Boycott Tanishq" on Social media.

In the same week, a Muslim guy beheaded a school teacher in France. The teacher just showed a cartoon of Mohammad published by Charlie Hebdo media group that had caused Muslims to do a mass shooting at Charlie Hebdo's office and murder the cartoonists. The teacher was showing the cartoon to teach tolerance to others right of freedom of expression. However, he was killed by a regular Muslim who turned into an intolerant extremist over a cartoon. The leftists Indian media didn't preach tolerance to Muslims over this barbaric incident. Other Muslims justified the killing worldwide. The "good Muslims" stayed silent and didn't condemn the incident. This also busts the propaganda spread by left that Muslims turn to violent crimes and terrorism due to lack of opportunities and because they are poor. 

The Prime Minister of France rightfully declared the incident an act of terrorism and also closed the mosque that fanned the violence. It is to be noted that no one from the mosque came forward to stop the beheading or informed the French authorities about the killing. All Muslims, including the 'good' Muslims stayed silent to protect one of their own in France who beheaded a school teacher for using a cartoon of Mohammad to teach a lesson on tolerance to students. I wonder what lesson the students would have got from the beheading.... This was not just a murderer but a show of Dominance and brute force? How can other Muslims stay silent? Are they not worried what message they are sending to their own children by shielding a barbaric murderer who did an act of Terrorism in broad daylight, on street, in front of other people? He is not any different than a terrorist wielding a gun and blowing a bomb in the name of religion. The mind boggles. Who else could be triggered? Will it be your Muslim neighbor? Your Muslim coworker? Your Muslim teacher? Your Muslim lawmaker? Who? Why were the good Muslims silent? 

This #parisbeheading incident is relevant to the Tanishq Ad incident because the same liberals are quick to virtue signal tolerance, inclusivity, peace to Hindus who are already tolerant and peaceful. The leftists media doesn't use the same yardstick when dealing with extremist Muslims. It is this social injustice that the Hindus of India are now getting tired of after tolerant this bull shit for years from the leftist media agencies. 

Even when the lies were busted, NDTV did not delete the fake news about the attack on a Tanishq store in Gandhidham from social media and allowed the fake news to spread. The correcting statement was issue in a su tweet that is bound to be missed by most people who saw the main tweet.

Some social media users even allege that the channel could have arranged an attack on the store which they failed to coordinate properly. See it here

Their suspicion is not baseless as the leftist media had recently planted a fake bhabhi who was giving false statements to media provoking a riot and mass protests in Hathras. The entire sham was busted when the fake bhabhi was caught by right wing and the propaganda of was busted. The Congress party managed to do cheap politics in Hathras murder while ignoring multiple rapes in their ruled state of Rajasthan.

This is how the "lutyens media" operates. In any other country, such channel that spread lies and selectivity in news and even manufacture news, would be closed for its many offences. The only solace is that said channel hardly has any television viewers since years, mainly due to fake news and bad content. It begs the question on how the channel is still continuing to operate and who is financing it to stay afloat? 

Thank you for reading.

Gau Raksha and liberal propaganda on cow vigilantism

A first hand account of how liberals brainwash students and vilify Hindus by Twitter user Ashwin Wirathu

Here is the link to his tweets.

When I joined law school, Modi was newly elected, all Media channels were stuffing us with news of 'cow vigilantism' and 'mob lynching' how 'poor Muslims' are being lynched just for eating beef, etc.

They telecasted how people of India are full of 'mob-mentality' and 'regressive'.
My 'liberal' political science teacher was explaining us how we were fast moving towards doom, etc.

I asked my Lecturer (a woman and a Liberal/feminist) that how can she base her accusations that all Hindus are regressive based on a couple of events? 

She told the class that It is the "regressive" mindset of Hindus that needs to change 

(It is worth noting that these same liberals routinely say that terrorism has no religion in spite of there being countless incidents of terrorism, violence and crimes by Muslims in the name of religion.) 

I told her that there is another side of the story that the poor Hindu farmers were only Saving their cattle from being stolen 

She asked that whats the need to kill the person in the process ?

I replied that the smugglers are a big Syndicates and they kill many police and poor farmers in the process. 

She said that i was 'brainwashed' and 'need to be educated' and 'you can't be a Lawyer with such mindset'. 

I asked genuinely out of curiosity that doesn't practising Law mean "equally balancing both sides of the argument and present it before a court?".

She dodged it all and didnt speak to me after that.

Later I joined Sangh the same year , I got to see some first hand scenes of how cows are smuggled in Hyderabad. 

Once 50 cows were sandwiched in a single Lorry, they were put one over other like some sacks, many already died of suffocation. 

Once I have seen a cow being stuffed in trunk of a Maruti swift 😓. 

Phony-Animal activists cry day and night for dogs etc but don't bat an eye for lives of cows.

The whole 'cow lynching mob' propaganda was to push to play the "religion card", Indians played it, then a couple of Hindus were beaten for stealing cows too, then they made Indians play the "caste card".*

Actually what the Poor farmers were doing was completely Legal under section 103 Private defence of property and they only did to save their cattle which are their livelihood .

We were all made to give up on this by forceful propaganda and brainwashing , even today so many poor cows are being transported in most horrible conditions 

Our Govt too caved in and left the poor creatures to their suffering 

There must be a Complete ban on cow slaughter, then only there can be some justice

Cow slaughter must be non-negotiable for every practicing Hindu and every Hindu must contribute towards Gau raksha as a moral duty without compulsion.

* (Note: Like in the USA, The leftist liberals control the media narrative in India since decades. Certain news, are selectively highlighted and played deliberately to incite mobs and create fake narratives. Crimes by Hindus on Muslims and Dalits in states having right wing government are played on loop to incite mobs. Crimes by Muslims on Hindu Dalits are ignored by media. Crimes in non right wing ruled states are ignored. See the below graphic on how leftist media reports rape and other crimes selectively.). 


Sunday, October 11, 2020


How Joe Biden blocked sale of Cryogenic Engines to India thru the 'Biden amendment'. May 1992.

Back in the 90s, US proposed a $24 Billion aid package to Russia. At around the same time, India was trying to get Cryogenic Engines from Russia at a value $250 million.

These engines were crucial for Indian Space program as they are needed to handle rocket fuel at extremely low temperatures to get the extra thrust required to carry heavier payloads into space.

President Bush was OK with this Russian deal with India but a democrat senator put in an amendment which stated that If Russia sold the cryogenic engine to India, this aid package would be scuttled!

This is the Biden amendment. 

“I am confident that the Russian leaders will recognize the wisdom of stopping this sale once they see the risk of losing their economic aid,” said Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.), who offered the amendment. “This is no minor sale; this is dangerous.”

Russia badly needed this aid. It had no choice but to back down from the deal it already had with India. 

In the same period, China was taking technology from Russia. This Senator, Joe Biden, of course preferred to look the other way as he considered only India to be the enemy of US.

It took years, but eventually India developed its own solution, on the little help it had from Russia prior to the cryogenic deal being scuttled.

Ultimately, the US also allowed Moscow to supply seven Cryogenic engines to India but without allowing technology transfer citing that the sale was not in line with the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), which is supposed to prevent the proliferation of missiles. 

This was absurd as 
1. Neither Russia nor India was a member of MCTR.
2. Cryogenic engines are not considered capable of being used in long-range missiles like the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs).
3. India has never invaded any nation and has not initiated any war with any other country or like Pakistan, supplied terrorists to any country.

India eventually developed cryogenic technology on its own after 20 years of research by ISRO.

Biden is no friend of India. He has held back India for decades. He is responsible to push back Indian space program by at least a decade!

His 2nd in command, Kamala Harris supports Pakistan on the Kashmir issue where Pakistan has illegaly occupied vast areas of Kashmir and even given some critical areas of Kashmir to China so the latter can build a road thru this region that connects China to Pakistan in the OBOR (One Belt One Road) initiative from China to establish a new silk route in the region to move Chinese goods.