Saturday, May 9, 2009

2009 Spanish GP qualifying, T4 and some funny clips

Did anyone else watch the qualifying for the Spanish GP? For the first time this season I felt that red car found its groove! As the Ferrari aggressively turned the corners on the Spanish track, one could tell the car was a serious contender this time! I did not know at that time who was the driver - it could either be Filipe Massa who found his "mad-streak" yet again or it could be Kimi Raikkonen who had to undergo yet another bowel movement and thus was driving fast to get to the loo! To my delight, it was Massa who was able to break into the top 4 slots in qualifying that were almost sealed by the Brawn GP and Red Bull cars.

The best part was the red car was not running light either! Does it mean that my favourite team is back in contention? Has the season officially begun at Ferrari then? Perhaps the wake up call came when they were seen battling a Force India car for position in the previous race in Bahrain! What remains to be seen is if this is a fluke or a reality? The car weight suggests its could be a reality as Massa is the heaviest of all the top 6 qualifiers! I cant wait to find out in the next 10.5 hours as the Spanish GP begins!

Pos., Driver, team, Qualifying weight of car
1. Jenson Button, Brawn GP, 646kg
2. Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 651.5
3. Rubens Barrichello, Brawn GP, 649.5
4. Felipe Massa, Ferrari, 655
5. Mark Webber, Red Bull, 651.5
6. Timo Glock, Toyota, 646.5

The Brawn GP team is sporting the Terminator Salvation livery on their cars to promote the 4Th movie in the franchise! Have you watched the previews? Aren't they just awesome? I cannot wait for T4 to be released on May 21!

Raikkonen's bowel movement moment !

This clip has a better, cleaner and funnier foot-in-mouth situation !


Vyzz said...

hehe me

havent been watchign formula one for a long time..i guess since schumacher quit i dint..but i liked u know kimi raikonnen had coem to india..
damn it wud be a treat to see them live..


seems like u had sum fun



Smita said...

No I did not...i.e. watch the qualifying for GP :-)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hey Vyo

good to see u at the no.1 spot!

When Schumi quit, I felt very sad for days! I even saw myself not following F1 any more. It was a delight just to watch him race! There was always something exciting that could happen with him on the track! Raikkonen is an ass! Do you know Raikkonen could only manage to get 16th in this qualifyig bcoz he "thought" he had a good score on the board and was lazy enough to sit out when he should have been putting up another faster lap! The team has 3 points in 3 races and how could they afford to be so complacent!

It is a treat to watch them live! 2010 baby! They'll be in India!

Cant wait for the race tomorrow!

eye-in-sty-in said...


lol... no surprises there :-) Take yer nose out of the books and watch some exciting racing instead!

avdi said...

Only time I watched the GP was when Narayan Kartikeyan drove.

Not that I dont like to watch, but am not too crazy and never know when its on.

avdi said...

If theyll be in india there is sure to be a buzz about it n I will watch.

Mumble! said...

yup! watched it yesterday! and two minutes to race now!!! rest of comment later!!!!

Mumble! said...

first corner crash!!!!!

Mumble! said...

Have watched all the T4 trailers, am waiting impatiently for it to release in India! Unfortunately, Warner, Fox and Columbia have also joined the multiplex battle, so nothing is releasing here! *Mumble* Still running behind safety car....

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Mumble,
Star trek released this weekend. - Yet to watch it.

Webber - Alonso pass-repass was fun to watch! especially the result!

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Ava,

Am happy to know that you did follow it! Its ON right now.

The 2010 race will be right in your neighbourhood - near Delhi!

eye-in-sty-in said...

Raikkonen's out of the race!

Mumble! said...

Well, slightly better day for Ferrari, though big-time mess ups in team management this weekend. Imagine a Ferrari running out of fuel!! Delhi race is delayed by an year, it's in 2011. 2010 new slot is being given to sumbody else. Dubai, I think. Tell me abt Star Trek when u watch it. How's Wolverine?

Smita said...

Ah! One of those ever ensuing arguement of ours :D i would say take out your nose from movies & cars and go back to you old habit of reading :D

Mumble! said...

Nope. It's Korean.

And Delhi's in 2011.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Mumble,

See what its boiled down to! The red team loses 1 car in the race and the other car gives up 2 point-scoring positions and we have to pacify ourselves and think its a "slightly better day" at Ferrari! Bet Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo doesn't feel good about letting go of Schumi, Brawn and Jean Todt now - and if he does, then he shouldn't! Can we get him replaced please!!

And yes, a Ferrari running out of fuel is indeed a waste! Whats worse is that they made Massa defend his position against the red bull car for 2 laps! At that time Alonso was a whold 18 secs behind the red bull. Had they dropped that position and put Massa on cruise mode earlier, they would have had a better chance of atleast saving 1 position! Whats worse is - They screw this up AFTER a team management change! WOW!! Un-fucking-believable!

Delhi delayed by an year? Thats no fun! Must be the recession... Keep buying more Korean stuff, pump up their economy and this is what we get as payback.. lol!

Both revus coming up 4 ur reading pleasure!

Who says I dont read? I DO read. Now whatcha gonna do about it? Sit in front of the telly and what the race till you understand it and part-take in this discussion in a more intelligent manner, eh... lolz! (Are you thinking "oops, now what?")