Friday, May 7, 2010

Schumacher back in the hunt...!

The king is back in the hunt with new and improved claws that have some bite.... Yes, Michael Schumacher is back in action.

The critics have given up on Schumacher. Many have questioned his comeback asking "why would he do it?". I attribute his poor form solely because of the under-steering car. The The Mercedes car he has been racing had a lot of issues to begin with. It had a shorter wheelbase (length) and as a result, the engine had to be mounted at an angle. The weight distribution was wrong and this has resulted in what can be caled an abysmal performance from Schumacher relative to his team-mate Rosberg.

Now the counter argument could be that if Nico can drive this car, why can't Michael? Well, Nico's newer to F1 racing than Schumacher who has had 17 seasons. If you have been driving a car that over-steers for 17 years, Its hard to change your driving style after a 3 year long break when you are 41. And in a sport where everything in the car is customised around the driver, you can have an entire car built around you because you are Schumacher! There, couldn't have put it any better :D

Mercedes made good use of the 3 week siesta in the 2010 F1 season and have re-designed their car to Schumacher's taste. And the result has shown. He is already up to 3rd from around 10th - out qualifying his team mate Rosberg for the 1st time in his comeback 2010 F1 season.

Schumacher is back and the timing could not be better! It is just in time for the Spanish GP, which is Alonso's home race. From the way Alonso has been treating Massa - with overtaking him in the pit lane so he could get serviced first - the Spanish GP race is gonna be a heck of a race.

The king finally has the right equipment that allows him to take the fight to the Hamiltons and the Alonsos and the Buttons of F1 instead of duking it out with the Sutils and the Kubicas and the Petrovs of F1 - no disrespect to them.