Friday, April 24, 2009

Where is the justice?

I usually stay away from politics - Mostly because I feel discussing it is a waste of time. However, sometimes, it just cannot be ignored and certain events just have to be discussed, the primary reason being that these events are used time and again to play hate-politics.

Came across this wonderful eye-opening article that is a textbook example of how sensitive topics should be handled - factually.

I warn you that it is long, however, I strongly urge every self-respecting Indian to read it fully and after reading to spread awareness about this. After all what is the point in simply reading stuff just to kill time!

Riotous Reportage: Gujarat 2002
Sandhya Jain
18 April 2009

The author is Editor,
PS: Had posted the entire article here, but then it could be a copyright issue! So pls read the link instead!


Smita said...

Thanks for putting up the link. Had faintly heard of this one but never saw the article. Even now read only half of it...But you are so right when you say about such things should be reported factually. But in our country every things is means to an end for politicians / media. For former the least said the better and for later i just wish they mature.

Shayari said...

A string of sadistic lies. Sad to see the qulaified civil servants like Harsh Mandar cook up stories like this. Sometimes I feel, punishments as severe, as in Gulf countries should be meted out to the guilty here. Was surprised when I saw Arunadhati Roy's refernce in the article,though for other reasons.

Thanks Einstein, for sharing the link.
BTW the labels in your posts are interesting :)

Vee said...

Disgusting. And what's with those awards to her. How long the probe will go now? Huh... Media too is to be blamed for all this ruckus.

Serendipity said...

did u vote?

Chronicwriter said...

sad state indeed.. hop down for some nutty crappy read chriz