Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Roadies - not the show!

U know how the bikers try to squeeze into any available space on the road. Well, one of them tried to squeeze in front of the swift and royally nudged the bumper. The guy looks at me in the eye, looks at the bumper and does not even apologise! Such incidents are a common occurrence in every city of India, and in many places, they are also accepted. but not in Bombay! And certainly not when the guy does not even apologise! Several maneuvers later, his bike is at 90 degrees to the direction of the traffic and smack in between a cab (ahead) and the Swift!

I got pissed. Had every right to. I thought, well, the bumper is screwed, why not fuck him up a little and teach him a valuable lesson.

I put the car in gear and drove it a few inches ahead. The pillion rider looks up and hits the hood of the car - as if I didn't know what I was doing. Bugger now had his finger print on my car too!

I get encouraged by the banging and moved ahead a bit more and rev up the engine for special effect. That did the trick. Now the pillion rider gets scared and moves both his legs to the other side of the bike. The guy driving the bike gets off his vehicle and comes up to me.

I said "Well, it looks like now I have your attention. Next time don't squeeze in front of cars and drive with some dignity. And don't forget to say sorry if you scratch some one else's car. You can go now".

The bugger went away without uttering a word. At least he did one thing right! I got out and guess what? Not a scratch on the bumper. Apparently they must use good paint at Maruti, huh!

If only everyone drove with just a little common sense, there would be at least 1/4th less traffic-jams on the street!

This post is also a comment on this post! It is during times like this that I wish I had wings! But then I look at the population and think, there would be a jam up there too!


Varun said...

Good to know that there were no scratches on the bumper. I had once chased a 2 wheeler rider who cut across and had almost banged my car. Same was the case. I wanted an apology and he didn't give me one. Chased that guy until I scared the shit out of him :)

Anonymous said...

Like I said, You are lucky. Taking punga with bikers only invites trouble or damage to the car.

good to know I made you post an entry :)

Bedazzled said...

ah ! .. poor u ..bikers r an irreverent lot !.. the way they zoom in and out makes me really wonder whether they care abt their own safety ! ..

Shayari said...

Car's safe.. that's good.Bikers driving on footpaths, when stuck in jams is a common sight here. Wonder what urgency they have..Right said, if only everyone drove with a lil common sense.

Bouncing-Bubble said...

You really said "You can go now"? lol, that's cool.

Angel's Flight said...

U can go now!! thts another version on road rage

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Varun,
lol. thats the funny part. They sometimes forget that they only have 2 wheels. I dont give a chase bcoz I dont want 'em to fall n hurt themselves. This guy was stationary, so it was an opportune moment.

Hi UH,
I was thinking that the car was already damaged. Which is why I decided to turn the scratch in to a lesson. Hopefully the guy drove in a straight line for a few days after that.

Hi Bhargavi,
The sad part is that even if they would crash and fall, the mob mentality is such that they always assume its the "bigger" vehicle's fault. Its true for any accident. Suddenly, post crash, everyone and their father realises that the car has 4 wheels and the bike only 2. Sadly, no one told that to the biker till he fell down!

Hi Shayari,
Bikers driving on footpaths is a new trend thats started a few years back. They even have the audacity to honk and make the pedestrains move out of the way. I have this bridge near my house and the bikers get on it, but then the footpath rises so much that they have a hard time getting off. Ofcourse, they cannot make a u-turn, bcoz another idiot biker is right behind the 1st one :P Then they have to pick up the bike and lift it form the footpath to the road. I always laugh loudly when I see one caught in such a situation.

Hi BB,
I gave him a piece of my mind and had already scared the poor pillion rider out of his wits. It was the least I could do.

Hi Angel,
What else was left to say after all that. The poor fellow was listening quietly and I was done talking - Besides that, I had to roll the window down and the cold air was escaping out :P

Valerine said...

Well I think it served him right! People on bikes @ times think the road belongs to them and have no traffic sense at all nor do they feel the need to follow traffic rules....Well I have screamed several times on bikers especially while crossing the roads.....they just dun care and want to make their way!

Prats said...

Thats an incredible thing you did. you rock!!!

I have felt same feeling a lot of times. But somehow stop myself for the love of my car and my own anger. Have been in very bad road rage brawl and kind of regret that

Mumble! said...

(If and) When i get my bike, i'll stay far far away from all (red?) Swifts! No point not scratching the car and still getting an earful! :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Val,
U shd carry a brick to throw at them instead of screaming. They cannot hear you under the helmet.

Hi Prats,
Welcome to my blog. lol. I dont take it upon myself to clean up the streets of Bombay. Just that the fellow happened to be there and the signal was red. And sh!t happened. Why dont u post abt your brawl? Yeah, fights n altercations are never fun, but sometimes they are necessary.

Hi Mumble,
Welcome to my blog. (Well, its ur 1st comment, aint it!) Am sure you have the decency to drive sanely and not cross paths with any cars to gain a few inches of space. The whole thing started coz the bike touched the car. That was enough. Why shd there be a scar to prove the damage was done. The "soul" of the car was hurt and that should be enough to give an apology... lolz! Maybe my fault was that i left a decent enough gap between the car front of me! So much for following traffic rules! :D

Mumble! said...

Thanks! (but wait!) Er...I thought that was the point of having a bike!!!

hurt the "soul" of the car...LOL!!! all senti, eh?

well....let's see...what do we have here?! Mumble!

Sorry, but I love doing this to ppl! :D :D

Mumble! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Well...this easily could have erupted into a free-for-all roadshow, precipitating the urgent need for a 'swift' getaway. :-)

Anonymous said...

Off topic, that was a cracking comment to the former Miss India Universe. In her replies, I observed she avoided taking Panga with you :-D

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Mumble,

You can still save enough time by driving straight on a bike withouth weaving n being a nuisance to society :P Play roadrash for satiating those genomes :P

? for the link... what were u intenting to say, I've become
"thick" lately :D

Hi Doc,
lol - had it not been for the red light n the other idiots on the road, the swift wd not be at a stand still. (how do u come up with these instant lines? I bow to thee)

Hi Doc,
Which comment are u referring to? I'm kinda brain dead these days.

Anonymous said...

I'm referring to Gul Panag's blog. I saw your tyre-marks there :-D

Mama - Mia said...

ah well! if everyone drobe sensibly means gaadi and bikers! been on both sides, so know neither is a saint! ;)

glad both the vehicles got off without a scratch and the biker with a l'il bruised ego! :p



eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Doc,
Yea, I ws there.. lol Shes a cutie pie, isn't she! Her blog too sounded much more real than other celeb blogs. Now I noticed I was side-"tracked"

hee hee

Hi Abha,
Neither is saint, but gaadi walas are more saintly than bikers :P Especially one who is at a stand still.
btw, ur worried abt the bikers bruised ego - what abt me, eh
sachi dost ho tum! hee hee