Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lewis Hamilton Disqualified from Australian GP!!

You know the season is off to a bizarre start when you are closer to the 2nd race, but the results of the 1st race are still being decided!

In a new twist to the already twisted tale of the Australian GP, Hamilton has been Disqualified! Yep!! Disqualified! The saga started when, post race, McLaren raised a complaint about the Toyota of Trulli overtaking under safety car conditions. The race stewards had a meeting and Trulli was found guilty. The result was a 3rd place finish for Hamilton and a 12th place for Trulli and Toyota.

A second inquiry revealed that McLaren and Hamilton had Lied in the 1st inquiry! The radio chatter between the team and driver revealed that McLaren had instructed Lewis to let Trulli pass!

FIA's statement on the same and the much interesting transcript of the radio chatter can be read here.

The result us a DSQ for Hamilton and a reinstated 3rd place podium for Trulli!

This leaves the winners of 2008 drivers and constructor's champions without any points in the beginning race of 2009!

At this time, the Brawn GP team deserve all the accolades that are being showered at them. The reason I use the words "At this time" is because a hearing is scheduled for the 14th of April 2009 concerning the interpretation of rules for the "diffuser" by various teams - Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams. With the recent performance by the Brawn and the Toyota team, coupled with the non-performance by McLaren and Ferrari teams, the latter will use this opportunity to try and throw a wrench in the works for the other teams! Because for them, winning seems to be more important than the sport and when a debutant team wins in such a grand fashion, it only rubs salt into the injured egos of the big guns at McLaren and Ferrari. the question remains - In case of an indefinite answer to the rule interpretation, will the FIA uphold the results in the interest of the sport? or will it be money and power swinging the results?

The good thing for now is that the controversial diffuser broke on Barrichello's car in a 1st corner incident! This proves beyond doubt that the Brawn cars have genuine pace!

A conversation with a friend also brought up an interesting point - According to him, both Button and Barrichello are known to carry bad luck. The fact that the Brawn GP team won inspite of their bad luck, speaks volumes about them! (For me, the biggest carrier of bad luck is Kimi! I personally believe that the only reason he won the 2007 season is because of Luca Di Motezemolllo throwing his weight behind him! Ferrari will be a much better team the moment they chuck Kimi out!!)

The last time a team making its debut had a one-two finish was at the 1954 French Grand Prix led by Juan Manuel Fangio for Mercedes. The Brawn GP team did it while running with a Mercedes engine too. That should be some consolation for McLaren, huh!

After the dramatic start to the season, I cannot wait to see what surprises Malaysia will spring!


Mumble! said...

Well, it rained! (and a friend was predicting rains here due to the overcast conditions and humidity in Bombay for the last few days. I wish!)

FIA changed the race timings to suit European TV schedules!

Ferrari screwed up, again!

Hamilton managed some points, again!

The second Mclaren went out in the first lap, again!

Force India is nowhere, again!

People got points in fractions!

Malaysia was bizzare!!!

eye-in-sty-in said...

lol... FIA is focussing more on Asia and Europe. US is out of the coverage too... lol This race was at 5 am in US!

yet to watch it.. am trying to forget ur comment so I can stil watch it... laterz! :-)

Serendipity said...

i cannnnotttt believe it rained sooo hard!!
it was insane! was ike a river out there. IM GLAD THEY SUSPENDED IT.

good going for Buttn though, 2 games in a row. although half pts for this one.

Mumble! said...

Oops..Sorry for the spoilers :).

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi B,
It was like a river on the track! They should never make flat tracks in rainy places! Banking is a must! Yeah! 2 out of 2 for Button! I'm happy for him and for Brawn! Can you imagine how Honda must be feeling now? What a time to quit!

Hi Mumble,
Its all good buddy. I enjoyed the race anyways! Had plans to get up early to watch it and now that Shumi is not racing, the sleep was suddenly more dear to me :-)) Caught the entire race in a repeat telecast though! 'T was pretty cool one.

Serendipity said...

Im B? very cool :)
Ive never been anythign other than S in my life :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi B,
S is pretty cool - bcoz there can be an "S" curve In a race, but never a B curve... lol