Thursday, July 30, 2009

Movie Review: Luck (2009)

Quick n dirty review of Luck (2009).

Shruti Hassan, Sanjay Dutt - uninspiring

Danny, Mithun - Good in the roles given to them

Imran Khan - ok

Chitrashi Rawat - Super!

Story - A mish mash of plots taken from "Fear Factor" that is fried in a "SAW"-like tadka!

Thanks to FE's scathing review, I went with zero expectations from this movie. The result was - I was entertained as I left my brains at home!

The side-actress babe was hotter than Shruti Hassan. The latter looked young n naive n confused... but she had something in her eye... no it was not talent, just some eye-spot near the iris. The side actress babe was definitely hotter.

This movie ain't a "Musafir", but Sanju baba still delivers dialogues in the same manner. The only good part is - if u like that style, ur ok! If u don't, too bad for you, coz he wont stop till the end credits roll.

Most of the dialogues are downright pathetic! Don't know why there is a need to put pun in every other line in the movie?

The stunts are unrefined and feel unrealistic. Anyone can tell that. The actors do a free-fall from a chopper, yet their hair is unruffled! Come on yaar... Couldn't they just rent those 'almonard' fans you see at weddings and make the hair ruffle a bit? Just make sure u tie up Shruti first, else she may fly off!

The movie is worth a dekko for Chitrashi Rawat! The 2 by 2 gal is awesome! She lights up the screen with her presence and stylish dialogue delivery!

Sanjay Dutt and Imraan Khan need to work out at the Gym! Former for being flabby, latter for not yet having a 6-pack! The chocolate boy look is so yesterday! Muscles are in! Especially if u have to jump from planes onto a running train and fight Martial Artists trained in Sword fighting!

Danny was Danny! Guys like him and Mithunda cannot go wrong as long as they realise they have aged and pick appropriate roles. Mithunda pushed the envelope but he pulled it off somehow in the stunts! Perhaps it was the presence of other irritating characters on the screen? (Ravi Kishan)

I give the movie somewhere between 2 and 2.5 stars out of 5!


avdi said...

Ya.. a frn of mine said the same about the movie.. she loves crappy flicks btw. I am glad chitrashi is doing some stuff. It was good to see her in Fashion after Chak De and here.

Americanising Desi said...

it is up in the cinemas here but i m instead optin for kambakht ishq :P

and love aaj kal is next :D

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Ava,
Chitrashi was the best thing in the movie! Did u see it?

Hi AD,
Lolz.. i am not surprised ur going for lovey dovey movies :D

Ripples said...

Was not at all impressed by the promos of movie anyways. Shruti Hassan is not close to impressive though I agree about the other lass....And if you talking about the movie "SAW"..M sure it is no where close to the 'S' of that movie.....

Anonymous said...

Come on dood, you can't mention Saw while talking about Luck !
Good you watched the movie in the right frame of mind. The other babe is called Snita ( not Smita, mind it)Mahey. She had juicy lips.
Next is line is Acid factory ( lift/ copy/ inspiration from a unreleased Colombian movie Unknown, 2006).
Thanks for the mention :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Ripples,
You are right. This is not like the SAW series. The similarity begins and ends with the way Danny and SD narrate the task to the contestants. Everything else is utterly despicable.

Hi UH,
The SAW similarity begins and ends with the way Danny and SD narrate the task to the contestants. Snita sure had juicy lips... she was the prefect T and A babe. Tried to search for her name in the credits, but didn't find her. Thanks for the input ;-)

avdi said...

Me will be queueing up for LAK .. not this !

Nikki said...

Good review! I like Chitrashi Rawat. :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Ava,
Thats great!

Hi Nikki,
Me too. She was a ray of sunshine that brightened up this otherwise dull movie.

sujata said...

Doesnt shruti look exactly like her mom? Ravi Kishen ohohoh too bad..i guess he can make anybody look and act better comparatively! Mumbai days and lots of film watching..great going!!

PurpleHeart said...

Shruti definitely does not have what it takes to be an Indi-actress. I didn't have any expectations about this movie either. They should stop believing people will pool up for movies that are nothing but same old unrealistic masala powder packets !

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Sujata,
I did hear comments that she has a lot of similarities with her mom. Lolz @ Ravi Kishen :D Thanks for the comment.

Hi PH,
I agree with you on Shruti. But guess she can improve with time? Karishma and Sonali improved. The story in this one was different except for Sanjay Dutt who was the same. The quality of movie making was not at all good. Thanks for the comment.

Aparna said...

Shruti looks like her mom?? No way! Sarika was wayyy better. Shruti looks like a walking stick.
What a movie you chose to watch. Yuck.

eye-in-sty-in said...

lol.... I dont remember how Sarika looks. I heard others in the hall say she looked like Sarika. lol @ walking stick. Shruti cannot act... atleast not now. It was convenient to watch and I was bored... so I went :D