Friday, July 31, 2009

Movie review: Love Aaj Kal (2009)

First Day Last Show - Love Aaj Kal!

Sis was determined to watch this movie. I find Saif Ali Khan bearable and Deepika Padukone has grown on me since Bachna Ae Haseeno. She even reminds me of an old crush! So there was no point in arguing! Tickets were booked and we were off to watch the FDLS of Love Aaj Kal.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali and produced by Saif Ali Khan, I found Love Aaj Kal to be a
refreshing movie. The story moves along very nicely and holds the audience's interest for 95% of the movie. There is a part where the lead character is shown brooding in loneliness during which Indian audiences, especially those who had not travelled and stayed abroad, felt bored. The NRI audience will relate to this with ease. Barring this small glitch, everything else held the audience's attention.

Thankfully, with Saif's role infused with witty n funny lines, there was no need of a stupid comic relief in the movie! This single point has enhances the movie's bearable quotient by leaps and bounds! It also means you wont come out with a headache from this movie!

Acting - Saif and Deepika both are refreshing to watch! They have a superb chemistry on screen that
makes the audience relate to their characters with ease.

Rishi Kapoor's character does a lot of talking, yet doesn't pakao the audience.

Other notable characters are Raj Zutshi as Harleen's father. Rahul Khanna also plays a
character, but don't wanna ruin the movie by revealing his character.

Babe factor - What I like about Deepika's character is - she looks nice and commands attention without resorting to cheap tricks. You wont find unnecessary cleavage or skin just for titillation. She does wear skimpy clothes, but like a Zeenat, she wears them with elan and carried them confidently. One can watch her with family without squirming in the seat!

The other gal in the movie, Giselle Monteiro (Harleen) had a few lines, but she had enough screen time to do a memorable role (atleast till they watch the next movie). She plays her character with grace!

The direction by Imtiaz Ali is great. The editing is crisp (could be crisper, but no points cut for that). Music is by Pritam and it sounds contemporary. Songs are nicely paced and they gel well with the story. Not too many, nor too few. Its nice that the story progresses thru the songs and the characters don't have to go to a ocean or a desert to sing them! Makes the story more believable and does not distract the audience! The switch between the past and present story feels seamless and does not leave the audience confused at any time. Take a bow Imtiaz!

The visuals in the movie are not stunning, but they feel bright and open as a lot of the movie has been shot in foreign locales. It gives the movie a fresh feel. The shots in current and old India have been done nicely. Its important to note the move does not show any thing bad about India while successfully portraying an authentic image of the country.

There was a stupid controversy (perhaps a cheap publicity stunt) about the movie where much was written about how Kareena was not in the movie... Deepika was very good in the movie and the movie would not be as nice had Kareena been in it!

Similarities - There is a train station sequence that will remind you of DDLJ, but the similarity ends there with DDLJ.
I found traces of Aamir Khan's character from DCH in Saif, but then I am known to look too much into things :D

Quick comparisions - This movie is better than Singh is King and Luck! Saif plays a better Sardar than Akshay. Thankfully there is no turban sporting Snoop Dogg or any other imported singer in a ridiculous looking outfit!

Warning - The movie's a little mushy in some parts, but then the title is LOVE Aaj Kal!

Verdict - A refreshing love story that deals with practical situations in current times of globalization (perhaps this statement itself is too factual!). Go Watch It!

My rating - 3.75/5


couchpapaya said...

imtiaz ali u say?! then i must watch it !! saifu looks like deepika's dad ... and i like saif :(

eye-in-sty-in said...

Does that mean he looks older or she looks younger?
I think its in vogue these days... Indian gals are all toned up with a size zero body and the guys have to play catch up big time! On the other hand, they are spoilt for choice.

Anonymous said...

Good for bollywood !! not all movies this season are bad.
Thanks for the review man !!

BTW you have a strange way of rating movies .. Whats with 3.75 .. most accurate eh ?? ;)
Cheers :D

avdi said...

Deepika looked so amazing in advertisements. There was one breathtaking levis commercial that was so great. She is willowy n lean. I have heard she has done a good job here.. thts good to hear. I will watch tom. It being friendship day, i hope I manage a ticket.

Americanising Desi said...

you just had to post this before i even watched it right?

well the rating you have is good and it means my yearnin to watch it is good too :D

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

a wonderful review there eye-in-sty-in..

I still remember one of your posts where you described why 'eye-in-sty-in'..
dont remember the details.. but I remember I had a wide grin reading you..

following you now..

The Pink Orchid

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi witsnnuts,
Ur welcome. I have been told earlier too that my way of rating is strange. The movie doesn't deserve a 5. And it has its own share of flaws :D

Hi Ava,
She does look amazing. Uses the make-up and her PR to the fullest advantage. Will we get to read ur review?

Hi AD,
It was written just for your benefit :P Btw, in case you didn't notice, I have not revealed an iota of the storyline in the review. So whats the gripe :P

sujata said...

Am thinking now..initially the name and the actors had me put off..but after this review maybe I will go watch it..yesterday saw New York..movies come here a bit late!

Ripples said...

Well wanted to see a refreshing movie for a long time now....Had the offer to go with frds ..but declined it...
Never the less shall watch this movie whenever i can make it...Review was indeed good :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Sujata,
Dont worry - in India, Hollywood movies come late :P I found it as refreshing as, but less controversial than Salaam Namaste.

Hi Ripples,
You should have taken up the offer and gone with ur friends. It's a good movie :-) thanks for the compliment.

Ann Dee said...

The name's a little corny, so I kept delaying it...but after reading this, I'm intrigued. And a goodly done review tht was spiky. :)

Deepika Gupta said...

i liked the movie... its something deep... and touchy

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi ND,
Yep... For me it was the groovy poster that did intrigued me. Plus the dimpled deepika smile ;-) Thanks for the compliment.

Hi Deepika,
It is, in certain ways. But it was subtly done. Thats why it went well with me.

PurpleHeart said...

But definitely not up to the standards of Jab We Met or Socha Na Tha, right ? I had higher expectations of Imtiaz Ali.

Angel's Flight said...

I am going to see this one...heard from you and a couple people that this one is good.

btw have to commend you on ur post man...very cool placement of pics and words!

Cheers buddy!

Illeen said...

wOw..Thats a thumbs up then..I'm really excited after reading the review.shall catch the movie tomorrow..

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi PH,
I have not watched Jab we met or Socha na tha. Perhaps thats why I liked the movie so much? Expectations can ruin a lot of things...

Hi Angel,
I found it good. Light, romantic n funny without being preachy. But then, I saw Luck a day before :P Thanks for the compliment.

Hi Illeen,
Yep it is a thumbs up. Do watch and lemme know ur opinion on this one. Good to see u here after a long time :-))

Angel's Flight said...

Sorry babe so many people attention is totally divided a thousand directions!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're high-tech, hip, and in the know! Very cool site.

Thank You!

numerounity said...

Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmmm......

lynn said...

i just knew you were previewing another blockbuster hit! oops, i jsut saw soemthing that said quick and my attention. speakignof which,it's sexy monday over at my pad today...enter at your own risk!

Dhanya said...

You didn't give away the plot! Thank goodness for that. Reviews should be like this instead of revealing the entire storyline. I am not much of a fan of either Deepika or Saif, but want to watch it nonetheless. Looks interesting :)


hi spike..
howz ya..??
i m having plans for going this movie.. :)
come again with me. :P

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....LAK is not sillier than what it was supposed to be, being a Rom Com. But Saif looks OLD.I have observed LAK have appealed more to 'uncommitted' people.
Posted my review and said what I had to.

Anonymous said...

That was a good review. I am always up for a good chick flick hindi movie and I'm a Deepika fan. I do agree with some of the commentors that Saif probably looks visibly older, but whatever :P It's bollywood. I need to watch this soon, I am so behind on Hindi movies its sad.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Angel,
attention? people? where?

Hi Forrestermcleod,
Welcome to my blog. Thank you for the wonderful compliment.

Hi Ekta,

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Lynn,
Wow... As Forrester is into meditatio, are u into predictions? :D Quick n dirty was another review. This one was watched a day later. Thanks for reminding - will be over in a jiffy! ;-)

Hi Dhanya,
Ofcourse. Thats the trademark of my review - I would give out a huge *********WARNING********** before revealing the plot or spoilers! Its a nice movie. Go watch it :-)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Sahityika,
Thank you for the invite. IF you are buying, I'll give it a thought :-)

Hi UH,
I heard people day its not as good as Jab we met. As I have not watched JWM, I could not comment. Will be over to read ur revu in a bit.

Hi Foreign desi,
Thank you for the compliment. I would not say its a chick flick. Its a rom com! Perhaps you and other observers are right and Saif does look old, but he still looks better than SRK :D I'd saw, just skip the others for now and watch this one. Its good.

floreta said...

this looks pretty good! i do like cultural/foreign films

Aparna said...

I saw 29 comments. So what shortage are you talking about??
I came late to your post due to 2 reasons.
1. Had guests. Pardesi de nakhre...uff tauba.
2.After you passed on the award to me, I am perpetually scared of posting comments, witty or otherwise.

BTW kids have school and hubby doesnt have office so dragging him to love aaj kal.

What did you give your sis for rakhi?

Suree said...

i have seen it the day before and i totally enjoyed it ...

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Flo,
Its a good Rom Com... do let me know if u watch it and like it. I like foreign movies too. Some are very good to watch. If you want to know, I can recco other good ones to you.

Hi Aparna,
Did I say shortage? Dont seem to recall it (After watching Ghajini, my memory's gone 4 a toss!)
Late or not - you are here.. thats what matters. Ah! Goddy.... two of you alone ... thats romantic :-) Do lemme know if u watch it and like it. Books and a cell connection !

Hi Suree,
Welcome to my blog. Glad to know u enjoyed it!

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Aparna,
Btw, the award is well deserved! Do accept it soon and pass it on to others :-)

Aparna said...

I wish my brother was as generous. All I got was 1 text msg saying he wore the rakhi i sent. He will never improve.What a miser.

- Sugar Cube - said...

I didn't find the movie so great.

But I liked reading this :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Sugar Cube,
Thanks and welcome to my blog. Perhaps you have seen Jab we met? Is that the reason u didn't like the movie?