Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why are most superheroes pathetic loosers?

Take a look at any superhero comic and there is a story that evokes pity from the reader. I mean, come on! These are superheroes...! We mortals are supposed to draw inspiration from them. Instead they are made to look like wimps and we are made to pity them? What is the world coming to...!

For instance lets take Spiderman - He is shown to be a poor-flat-out-broke guy with serious self-confidence issues that affect his performance in the one thing he is supposed to be good at - Crime fighting! Did he forget that he has SUPER POWERS! He is located in America - A country that thrives on violence - Where fighting for money is a Billion dollar industry! When Spidey was young, he was enterprising. He went to win money in fights - but as he grows older he becomes pathetic - he CHOOSES to stay broke! His psyche is affected so badly, if MJ had said yes to him he'd have to call someone for the blue pill! Besides, wasn't this guy a nerdy scientist in school? He had serious brains! How can he be broke??

My advise to him - Did you forget that you can kick some ass in a high prize fight and win serious moolah! Use your creativity and intelligence in something else apart from spinning a web! No wonder you are broke - no pity for you spidey!

Now for Batman - This guy is a business tycoon in real life - he is already rich, successful and famous in business and lives a life most people dream of. But it is not enough - he still has a huge void in his life and is generally depressed. So much so that he has to get his kicks from fighting crime on his own with hi-tech gadgets! Btw, Have you ever seen Batman smile in any of his movies? No!! The guy is so not in tune with his emotions he has even forgotten to smile!

My advise to him - Take a chill pill dude! Life ain't all that bad - have a little fun! Go hang out with Iron man and have some fun - Chillax!

Question for the reader - Why do you think these superheroes have so many issues - Is it because they don't know how to wear their underwear right? Or is it that they do not wear their underwear right because they have so many issues?

And please don't think I forgot our beloved Superman - Don't even get me started on him - He has so many issues, even his movies are not successful at the box-office. And if that was not bad enough, any actor that portrays him on screen - dies!

'Nuff said!


Intense said...

Come on man! An 'Einstein' like you should've figured this one out! The very reason why we even recognise these superheroes is the surfeit of frustration in their supposed lives. The audience does not stay interested in monochrome.

For the record, there are innumerable other superheroes who have not gained this kind of fame because their lives are devoid of misery. :D

Smita said...

ha ha...isn't that simply complicated?

My logic...

- They want to give a human face to these so called superheroes

- They want to give a message to mortals like us that since we with our miseries too can be superheroes in real life ;-)

- To attain fame you have to pass through miseries so my dear friend you too will be a superhero one day :D

All in all an amusing post :-)

eye-in-sty-in said...

So far I have not recd the correct answer....

IM - Can you give examples of heroes without misery (mickey and donald dont count :D)

Smita - that was a good way of implying that I am miserable ... now pls dont justify it by saying that you said "we" (as in all of us).... lol

couchpapaya said...

hmmm, with great power comes great misery ... or maybe it's only for self-indulgent men. supergirl wasnt miserable methinks! hey, bale smiled didnt he?? or maybe it was just in my fevered dreams, sigh.

Oxy said...

What kind of answer are you looking for? Because everyone will say it the way they see it and at the end of it you might not agree as you said above 'so far you I have not' , so in a way you know the answer.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Couchpapaya - I thought it was great responsibility that came along with great power... but i could be mistaken... Ironman had great powers too, yet he was hardly miserable... Supergirl was not miserable... perhaps that may be true. I cannot say much on her as I didnt follow her that intently. Someone has a crush on!

Oxy - If I told you what answer I want, then the question will be moot :-)) The answer can be simple or it can be one thats too deeply thought (like Intense).

Angel's Flight said...

Not too much into super heroes, but the last Spidey movie sucked!!!! bigtime

Read my take on this on Mouthshut when u have time


Oxy said...

That's alright EISI, What I mean is If you know the answer what you want to hear then there's no point of this 'question for the reader' thiny... ain't it?

eye-in-sty-in said...

Angel - Read the revu and feels like you have echoed my thoughts in it! Err... I found the dance entertaining bcoz now Bolywood has competition :D

Oxy - you are right, no point in asking if you want to hear the 'right' answer - perhaps I shd have said - no one even tackled the question :D

avdi said...

I have an answer for you E. Spidey is broke because if he looks out for his grades, his job, he has no time to save the world. Superman disguises himself as a dork so he may be able to hide his identity (aside- did that new superman die too?) Batman tortures himself with angst so that he may be able to highten his senses to nab the criminals. These issues are laid out before the reading public so that they may realise that saving the world requires SACRIFICE.

Umm.. n if you look a wee bit further, religion of all sorts thrive on guilt. Guilt that we go about our humdrum lives because there is one who will sacrifice is personal life so we may sleep in comfort.

Christians hear that a lot in church about Christ and his crown of thorns and the cross he bore, I hear it a lot in gurdwaras about how we should be grateful because a guru sacrificed his life for the cause.

Whaddya think?

eye-in-sty-in said...

Avdi, very nice analysis there. Perhaps the guilt is needed but in moderate doses :D

And the newest superman is still alive... which is a relief... perhaps the jinx is broken?

Maybe the superheroes will read this and cheer up a bit.

Thanx for the super nice comment!

Intense said...

So far I have not recd the correct answer....
Erm... I wasn't exactly trying to answer any question here; was just putting forth a point.

Can you give examples of heroes without misery (mickey and donald dont count :D)
Exactly my point, brada! Superheroes without messed up lives are too monochromatic to even recount!

Anyways, lemme throw another thought into the ring: Everyone's a masochist to some extent or the other; and hence would love to be tortured in thought before the denouement.

Shayari said...

I feel the creator of these super heroes wanted to package the strength and vulnerabilities of the mere mortal altogether.The two extremes of the human spirit, ofcourse delivered in a way which world can relate to.

eye-in-sty-in said...

@ Intense - gotcha. Your use of words never ceases to impress me.

@ Shayari - Welcome to my writings. Nicely put. The extremes allow the readers to escape but its showcased in a way that they can relate to the superheroes.

Thanks for commenting.