Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The unveiling and reply to a tag!

Polo, the mint with the hole!

Can u guess what this is?

This was taken in the spirit of the name!

This is what got it christened as an "Alien"

And this is my 1st post from the new 'Alien' Laptop!!

I was tagged by Shayari on blogger and by Shalu elsewhere! So here it goes!
Shalu, drawing is not my cup of tea... I nearly flunked it in school and am scarred for life :D ... will try it someday though!

Rules:Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. I love to procrastinate.
2. Love driving irrespective of the destination.

3. I am a strong believer of my religious faith, but tolerate other regions too.
4. I love the cool new hot lappie!

5. I like Hagrid and Dumbledore's characters the most in the Harry potter series. have read all the books in the series and love it!. The movies leave a lot to be desired although I still watch them.
6. I have only left 2 books half way in my life - The Fountain head, Lord Of the Ring. The former because it was too boring for my taste and the latter because the movies were far far better.

7. I forgive soon. Sometimes too soon.
8. Like remembering the mundane details about the things and people I like the most.

9. Went to a bar every other day for years, but did not drink alcohol. (Am making up for it now) :D
10. Newest liking is scotch on the rocks :D ... yeah, the expensive stuff!

11. For me the Matrix series goes like this. Part 1 - Awesome! Part 2 - cool! Part 3 - hmmmm, so its over?
12. Like doing crazy things that makes people go "what?!"

13. Intentionally left blank.. darn it! now its not.
14. Love Homer simpson, family guy and south park.

15. Kramer, Jerry, Elaine and George are mighty funny.
16. Love watching the stars in the sky since I was in school - dreamer's paradise

17. Friends and Family are very important to me.
18. Cannot wait for The Watchmen to release!

19. Am insanely patient with a super short fuse!
20. Like good things in life, but will rarely get them for myself. Wont think twice while giving them to the ones I love.

21. Dont know how to say no to people.
22. School and College days were soooo much fun. Would love to go back to study full time!

23. Love to work out and stay fit. Need a partner to keep me motivated to do it though!
24. Broke a 1 inch thick concrete brick with my hand!!!! I love martial arts. Someday I want to be able to turn direction in mid-air and kick in two directions with the opposite foot. (like Jet-Li in Romeo must die) :D

25. This thing is not half as hard as it looks! Heck, Abha and bouncing-bubbles! did one with 50! (Correction: bouncing bubbles did not do a 50-tag! I must be seeing things...)

I now get the pleasure of tagging some more jolly folks....

Let me start with my pal Intense(his dry sarcasm will get under ur skin), the gal Valerine(spunky n cheerey - now spelt correctly), the moll Sakshi (uber cool with an 'i dont care attitude), the doll CP (her reviews are KILLER!), Vee (coolest, down to earth, talanted guy I've known since a long time), Shalu (she can be insanely funny - am yet to see her open the funny floodgates on her blog), AVA (intellectually funny - deep reflective posts :D), Smita (the most active blogger I know - Killer book revus - should watch some hollywood movies though!) :D, Ratnakar (detailed and analytical posts!), Some random person with random thoughts and one flyingelephant :D
And now to increase my circulation :D Reema, Artveda (need ur blog url - cd not get it thru the profile), Varun, Serendipity, the farting pen, .... Cheers and enjoy!


Smita said...

Congrats for the new lappie :-)

Broke a 1 inck concrete block??? wow!!! that is so cool....Nice list :)

I shud watch more hollywood movies??? Hmmmm may be one day...

Mama - Mia said...

its orgasmic pleasure for men - getting a new gadget, aint it? :D have fun!

and this one is much more difficile than 50 because the questions are already set out there! maybe i should do this next! :p

i would have never thought you were the religious kind! and martial arts? whow!!

rock on dude!

had fun reading this!



Intense said...

I can claim to know most of what I read here. I can't say I agree with them all, though! :D But then, I can also safely say I can't agree more with some! :D :D

And now this thingy falls on me! I don't mind writing stuff, but where do I go for 25 people to tag?! :D I mean, I can tag 25 people in real life, but then the only way they would carry this forward is if I ghost-wrote their blogs for them. For that matter, I would have to ghost-create their blogs first!

Congrats on the new notebook. Waiting for the details, specs, config...

valerine said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyy...........U spelt my name wrong.........I hate that.....My name spells VALERINE.......Btw what i liked about u in the past that u would go to beer bar but wudn't drink....I go to pubs...but don't drik :)

Reema said...

Ohh i was dodging this tag :) Ok will do.

avdi said...

OK you changed a few from the facebook, the fountainhead and LOTR are gone. Do read the LOTR, I just love it. Luckily for me I read the books years before they were a even a sparkle in Jackson's eye.

What is watchmen? some upcoming fundoo movie?

Now I can modify my 25 too? gooodie..

Laptop is ubercool. n the ring of light looks like something over a dentists chair.

Shayari said...

Thanks for completing the tag!:)

Nice list, could relate to so many things!! You love procastinating?? ahem..this now has become my second nature:( Harry Potter books are amazing to read.Fountain Head was a pain to read because of the tiny font.

Watching the cloudless night sky indeed is a pleasure.

Insanely patient with a super short fuse..He he:)

Sigh!!School n College days were so much of fun:(

Congrats on your lappie buddy! It was fun reading your list:D

WhatsInAName said...

25 random but cool things there :) Randomness is good, aint it? :P
Congrats on laptop! And I love to procastrinate as well :P I hope I complete this tag soon!
BTW I still miss my school and college days. And its been ages since I counted the stars! Thanks for reminding me. Lemme rush out now :)

couchpapaya said...

it's so much fun reading these things, not so much when have to write it :( after reading abt u being religious i see ur comments on the holy cow book in a whole new light, procrastination is my middle name btw ... congrats on the laptop!!

Bouncing-Bubble said...

phew! it was simple yet complicated for me to id u hehe...

when did I do a 50?

and I'll surely do this, just give loadsa time ok!

Vee said...

Done Deal! I am game... I have many tags pending but this would be cool.. and as I see many responses are affirmative... pheew.. so much of self-obsession.. .after all don't people just love yakking about themselves.

Btw, super cool laptop... with a hole.. hahaha

Angel's Flight said...

Oh I like the Lappi toppi:) Yeah thts wht I call mine..

Btw I am funnier in person...cant write funny stuff for crap :)

I am inspired by you and am going to reproduce my 25's for the blogger world!

Prats said...

Just read your blog. Nice Reviews.
BTW Congrats for the new laptop and Fountainhead was not boring.

Keep Writing. Subscribed to your feeds.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Thanks Smita! Glad u enjoyed the list. btw, u had a compliment in the blog (in case u fast read it!)

Abha, ur right on! Those ADs that show people ignoring a hottie for a gadget or a football game - they are all true! Btw, what made u think I wd not be religious? Pray tell - if I feel it's gonna work against me, maybe I shd edit the post! :D ;-) Glad u enjoyed the list - Thanks for commenting.

Intense, nice play with words! I love it when I have to 'really' read a sentence again! It doubles the joy of good english! I too was worried abot tagging 25 folks - but then I said, why wait for 25? Let me start with who all I know! Before I knew it, I literally 'found' many new and old friends here! Thanks, More on the details later dude! Its still under eval!

eye-in-sty-in said...

Valerine... My apologies for messing up ur lovely name! As punishment, I'll write ur name 10 times in this reply... Also, to make it up to you for the error, u'll have the only individual reply amongst the 1st 13 comments on this post. Replies to everyone else shall be deliberately bunched up together...* :D

* limited to the 1st 13 replies only. other terms and conditions apply. Please check http://eye-in-sty-in.blogspot.com/ for more details ;-)

Serendipity said...

omg. we are eerily similar in so many bullet points!! :D

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Reema,

Welcome to my writings. so u were trying to play dodgeball with this tag, eh! Sorry missy, aint gonna work... I'll be on yer case till u complete it :D

Hi Ava,
The harder I try to keep things segregated, the more it hits me when ppl reveal small details abt me :D Yep, it is a rehash, but in my defense, I already told that was tagged twice and it only makes sense to reproduce it here. The missing bits were changes to not reveal as much here. Alas, now its done thanks to good friends like you (hey, thats what friends are for, right!) I'll read LOTR when my short fuse becomes long again! You guessed watchmen rightly! Dentist's chair.. lol! I'm glad I didnt put too much effort into taking that picture :D tks for commenting!

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Shayari!
The person who started it all is here! Yipiee! :D

Hey, its good to procrastinate some things... its one of the simple pleasures of life, not to mention a birth-right :D Yup, HP books are uber cool! Do u have a favourite one in the series? And u read the whole fountain head? wow!
I loved spotting out the big dipper and the north star! Orion's belt was my favourite though, as was spotting venus (obvious reasons) ;-) Thanks for commenting. Although I must warn you, I'm kinda getting used to ur comments! ;-)

eye-in-sty-in said...

you bet randomness is good. If it were not for that, I'd never have done this post! And thanks for the heads up abt ur love for procrastination - I now know not to hold my breath while waiting for u to complete this tag. Although, a prize awaits u if u do it on the same day as reading this comment. And I know u wont cheat! Hope u enjoyed star gazing/counting! Its soooo much fun, innit! Thanks for the comment.

Hi CP,
This thing is not even half as difficult as it initially seems! I can bet on it you'll feel the same way once you start filling it. Actually, the comments I made were not based on my religious sentiments, they were more because of my tolerace. Such intolerance and ignorance on parts of people from other countries and faiths makes me love my nationality and religious faith even more :D Thanks for the comment.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Bouncy! ;-)
lol @ the witty comment. So u didnt do a 50? Good.... now you can do a 25! Double credits for you coz of my error. I might have seen someone elses post in ur blogroll or maybe I just was smoking crack! Either way, u have to do this tag! :-) U can take ur time s'long as u lemme know when u do it. Thanks for commenting.

Hi Vee,
I decided to indulge in self-obsession and found out that I like it :D There goes the spirituality outta the window! Am sure my MA instructor wd love to read this! ;-) Thanks! Its still under eval.

Smita said...

Hey!!! I didn't fast read but I was acting modest :D but on a serious note I couldn't miss thats kind of compliment and that too coming from you hehehe...I forgot thanking you for that.

BTW I have completed the tag...here it is


eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Angel,
lolz... ur more funnier in person? (there, I just shot the english lingo!) how can I ascertain that? I already know ur a brat, so I simply cannot take ur word for it now, can I! Hurrah! I inspired someone! Now only if my organization allows me to put that accomplishment in my review.. lol! Am-a-waiting to poke fun @ ur 25.

Hi Prats,
Welcome to my writings! Dont know if fountain head was boring or not - I never finished it... Found it to be too morbid halfway thru reading it.... maybe someday when I'm not star gazing! Thanks for subscribing! I feel like an instant celebrity! Too bad, cannot put that in my review either! Shucks! Thanks for the comment.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Reply to the esses!

Hi Serendipity,
Welcome to my writings. Similar you say, are we now! From the content of ur blog, you appear to be a nice individual - thats why I'll take your statement as a compliment... lol! ;-) Thanks for commenting.

Hi Smita,
No way you are modest! lol! I'm glad you even put that right and sais you are 'acting' modest.... muhahahahahah! Thanks for being super fast! Had u waited a lil bit, Intense wd have had atleast 1 person to tag ;-) Will chk out ur post in a bit.

Vee said...

Wasn't I right about self-obsession? See, how many people have already posted the tag... and I am half way through myself unless I get bored and shelve it totally.

Shayari said...

Hi E-I-S-I!

I loved the Chamber of Secrets n Goblet of Fire in the series!

:)Fountainhead indeed was a heavy read.The characters were very strong to digest though!;)
Ya finding Orion belt n north star's fun. Spotting Mars is ain't easy though;):)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Vee,

lol @ self obsession! i betcha u'll find its not a chore at all! Just go with the 1st 25 that pop in ur head, then remove the ones that are kinds personal and replace it with other random crap :D

total no of answers - 25
total time taken 5-10 minutes
the comments u will get when people read it, PRICELESS!

Hi Shayari,

Chamber of secrets and Goblet of fire were very good books indeed! But the 1st book was very special for me too! I simply could not digest fountainhead when I first read it - maybe i'll give it another shot shortly :D Ok, here is a question for you - big dipper or small dipper? and why! and I doubt u would have trouble spotting mars at all! ;-) :D

Anonymous said...

So I know 25 more (factual and thus useless) things about you. But I still don't know your name ( doesn't matter, ofcourse).
Cool pics :)

ps: Didn't understand the tab thing, probably that's specific to blogger and not applicable to wordpress. Please educate me.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi FE,

true.... thats why I did the tag... coz even I thought its quite useless.

The tab thing? err, what am I supposed to explain now?