Saturday, November 15, 2008

Obama won - Now what?

It has been noted across the world and in the history books, that President-elect Barack Obama is the 1st Black president of the United States of America. But how united really is the US? As this history was made, there was another statistic dramatically on the rise and it is marked by a strong current of racism. There have been numerous death-threats by white supremacist to assassinate Obama!

It was announced on CNN after the election that the FBI had noted that the increase in number of death threats spiked each time the Republican GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin held a rally during the election campaign. These rallies frequently were associated with white people shouting slogans of "terrorist" and "kill him" - (see it here). The tone of her campaign was so vicious and negative, it even drew sharp criticism from the McCain camp and Palin was asked to tone down her rallies - which were nothing short of provoking racism. Even while this was happening at Palin rallies, many people were asking McCain in town hall meetings "How come Obama is ahead? How is this happening?". It is clear from these questions that no republican expected Obama to really win the election because of his colour. Right before election day, there were talks of a "surprise" election outcome from the McCain camp. These were based on hopes that on election day, white voters registered as Democrats would go and vote for McCain because they would be "uncomfortable" voting a black man for President. (After the election, it seems like the opposite happened as white people who would never openly admit voting for a black man went and cast their votes for Obama - because of his policies and his promise of change.) It is no doubt that this will severely anger white fanatics who still believe they are a superior race. It is not surprising to see an increase in KKK activity in recent times.

In a meeting between the US President Bush and President-elect Obama, Bush's choice of words for Obama was very interesting. Pay careful attention to the last para of this article, Do you think I am reading too much into things? Bush has held the most powerful chair in the world for 8 years and while his intelligence can be easily questioned, the man has to be adept at the art of conversation simply because he has to meet with leaders from a diverse background from across the globe. At that level, what you say, how you say it, even what don't you say and what words you use to convey a message is put under a microscope! I strongly suspect that Bush's choice of words when talking to Obama was a mere coincidence. I think Bush was sending a message on behalf of the Republicans.

However, Race is merely a weapon used by the wealthy to manipulate to masses for their personal benefit. There are other reasons for which I suspect that Obama could be assassinated. Obama is a natural leader. He has been elected on a campaign of "change". The economic situation is grim in the US. The US market is in a severe recession and a large number of people are losing their jobs. Those who still have jobs, do not know how long they can keep them. The sentiment of the common person in US is very bad. A vast majority are depressed and angry at the way the "leaders" have put the US in debt and have then gone ahead and bailed out Wall Street - with their hard earned money of Main street. The average person is also appalled at the way the CEOs have continued to mint money while the companies bled and employees were rendered jobless.

Even as he joins the office, Obama has his work cut out for him. He will have to turn things around and he will have to do that quickly. He will have to find a way to finance his promise of change by increasing taxes on the rich and giving a break to the common man. The problem is that change will not be easy to come by - the rich hold a lot of power. If change is ushered in too quick, it will be easy for the wealthy to manipulate the angry, unemployed masses, give them a racist cause and stick a pitch-fork in their hands.

What Obama needs to do is to tactfully please these two groups and bring them together. He needs to ensure that the United States are really united and that there is no division of people along racial, economic or along any line as America goes thru economic stagnation/recession and deflation. He needs to emerge as a leader that gives the people a sense of direction - a La John F. Kennedy! This is why Americans are sold on Obama - because they believe this man is a better leader than John McCain. Americans have done their part - Now the ball is in Obama's court. I hope he delivers on his election promises!

Comments and brickbats welcome - Just don't bring a pitch-fork please.


Oxy said...

Dubya (as Bush is fondly call) has no intelligence whatsoever.. we all know that but the article's last para is just a casual remark any President would pass to the next President. I think you are reading too much into that.

All the eyes are on Obama. The whole world is waiting with bated breath. Let's see. I hope he doesn't get assassinated before the D-Day.

Btw, what's ur take on Hillary as Sect. of State?

Smita said...

Your post reminds me of the conversation that I was having with a colleague of mine. I guess it was a day or two after Obama had won. "Change we Need" was screaming from all newspapers.

I said ti my colleague, isn't it so easy to say "Change We Need" and talk about changes per se but isn't it so difficult to follow it. And the situation this guy has inherited would scare anyone. So much is expected out of him will he be able to live up to it???

Also why has this election created history as far as nos of vote casted is concerned? Is it because people were craving for change or is it because for the firs time so many blacks have voted.

As you have said he has his work cut out...with so many eyes expecting him to turn things around and then equal number of eyes waiting for him to fumble...

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi Oxy,

Hillary will be good for a Sec of state. This was Obama's weakpoint and Clinton's strong point. Bill was liked as a President throughout the world. If she taps into his wisdom, and uses it to her advantage, she can do very well. Together, Obama and Clinton can rule both at home and overseas.

That was the optimist point of view. Now to factor in her being a woman - She will not forget the bitter loss to Obama in the primaries. Also, how much will she listen to Bill can be questioned. This was primarily why Obama did not consider her for the VP post. However, giving her that post will certainly do one thing - with more than 80 countries in the World, she'll certainly be out of his hair!

eye-in-sty-in said...


In the election campaign, Obama had a different strategy than McCain. While McCain spent his money on signs and other memorablia, Obama spent his on people. Obama's campaigners had a ground game where people went from house to house to campaign for him - didnt cost him or his campaign a dime! But it was very effective. - Think about it, if you are undecided, who will you vote for? someone who sent u a flyer or for someone who sent a person to convince you and ask you questions!

Many black voters, who felt left out till now, were educated on why they should vote. Sure, race played its part, but Obama won in every demographic! The only demographic he lost was 50/60+ white voters.

I guess people really wanted change this time around...